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Interest Rates

Jim Cramer: Let Me Explain How Good Companies Can Have Bad Stocks

Here's a lesson I learned decades ago at Goldman Sachs about how stocks can move in times like this.

Consumer Price Index Hike Shocks, but Doesn't Tell Whole Story

The CPI jumps an eye-popping 4.2%, but a lot of noise is included in that number.

This Malaise Will End One Day But Until Then Buckle Up

It's fair to note that the inflation data from Wednesday morning has had a lot of influence on what we're seeing.

Kass: Questioning the Fed's Policy, Independence and Mandate

Are they trying to tap the brakes or is this an admission that they cannot tap the brakes and must do more of the same to make sure risk taking accelerates to ludicrous speed?

Inflation Could Rise, but Don't Bet on It

Why? It's not a good wager -- and there are better places for investors to put their money if the economy booms.

Tuesday's Market Hiccup Spelled Opportunity to Buy 2 Stocks

Gold Resource Corp. should benefit as inflationary pressures rise and Travelzoo should improve as normal life returns.

Yellen's Error, 'Inflation Scare', Cyclical Sectors, Gold, 4 Stocks I Bought

Bring back the gold standard? Whatever nation that did so would instantly have the most highly desired currency on the planet.

Jim Cramer: We've Got a No-Win Situation

There's talk about rates potentially rising, a chip shortage, and China, so you better respect what the market is telling you.

With Inflation on the Rise, Will Markets Get Spooked?

The only place to hide will be and has been commodities, as they are truly inflation protection assets.

Inflation Is Not Transitory

To get inflation fears, all we really need is a bunch of these subjects to hit the headlines.