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Where Are U.S. Interest Rates Headed? A Quick Check of the TLT

I'll want to pay close attention to Monday's price action in the TLT.

Next Up: How Do You Contain the Dollar Virus?

A U.S. dollar that is rising in value against most other currencies is creating a huge problem for a world inundated with dollar-priced debt.

Kass: The Pros and Cons of Whether to Buy Now... or Not

Here is a quick and abbreviated summary of my thoughts on buying stocks now.

Fed, D.C. Get Poor Marks So Far

The Fed's shock and awe does little to help amid the coronavirus crisis -- and so does Washington.

The Fed Goes All In: What It All Means and How It Will Shape the Markets

Here's how the central bank's actions might help.

Fed's Latest Actions Scream Why Markets Have Lost Faith in It

Dramatically slashing interest rates to zero and promising huge asset purchases are instilling fear, not confidence, in market participants.

The Virus Is in Control, Aggressive Fed Moves, How Low Equities?: Market Recon

Let's be clear. The virus is the problem, and the economy will contract, perhaps significantly so, regardless of policy efforts made to counteract this reality.

Bad Monetary Policy, Recessions, Crises, Market Corrections, and Crashes

From shrinking the balance sheet to growing it. From raising rates to cutting them. The Fed has no ability to effect such change now, and thus my complete and utter disdain for the imminent rate cut.

Coronavirus Impact Spreads, Market Selloff, Fed Action, Risk Tolerance

What came first? The chicken or the egg? The bear market or the pandemic? I don't care much for labels.

Are You Making Dramatic Market Predictions or Are You Making Money?

It is the execution at the right time in the right conditions that makes money.