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Interest Rates

Don't Underestimate the Power of Stagflation

The Fed might be proven right that inflation is 'transitory,' but after how much damage? Let's get out our Econ 101 books and review.

For Rate Watchers, This Day Is of ... Interest

The consumer price index surprises to the upside and the Fed meeting minutes are out. Here's my take on both.

Technical Conditions Remain Difficult as Banks Kick Off Earnings Season

While rates are playing havoc with growth stocks, there is other rotational action going on.

Deceptive Rally, Short Squeeze Trap, Inflation, Jobs, Trading 2 Defense Stocks

Equities did close almost sharply lower than where they had been early on Thursday afternoon. You do want to see how this looks on a chart.

Interest Rates and Energy Prices Drive Further Corrective Action

There are two primary things to watch for during this selloff.

Bonds Finally React, TINA Sticks Around, Booster Confusion, Salesforce Love

Plus, a look at where central bank policies appear to be heading.

Interest Rates Are Getting Interesting

Let's look at sentiment, bonds and, yes, rates.

What Jerome Powell Did and Did Not Say

The market had a strange reaction to the initial headlines out of the Fed, and even now it's unclear how long the liquidity taps will remain open.

Jim Cramer: Go Ahead, Have a Cow, but I Say Powell and Xi Are Bulls

We rallied, because China's President Xi and Fed Chair Powell made decisions that they knew would lead to rallies.

Fed Day, DC Budget, Evergrande Update, Disney Discount, Trading FedEx and Adobe

Like spilled milk, there is no use in crying over lost monetary opportunity that only increases economic risk at a bad time fiscally now.