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Interest Rates

If Bitcoin Was Supposed to Be the Inflation Hedge, Why Is It Down?

When gold underperformed Bitcoin, everyone got bored of it. That's no longer the case.

Be on the Lookout, Less-Than-Average Averages, OK Treasuries, Poor Peloton

Plus, in a tough market the semiconductor sector takes a particularly hard whack to the head.

If You Own Smaller Stocks, Your Portfolio Could Be in for a Whole Lotta Oof

Rising interest rates are crushing small stocks, so keep an eye on the bond market.

To Unlock Where We're Headed in 2022, Spend Some Time on Consumer Spending

Let's talk inflation, Fed rate hikes, consumer confidence, and why last Friday's Retail Sales report is fishy.

An Inauspicious Start to 2022 for Biotechs, Builders, Banks and Most Everything

Hope for a January Effect rally has gone unfulfilled as both big-cap and small-cap stocks take it on the chin.

3 Factors Driving the Markets and How I'd Be Positioned

For the first time in over a year, I think the market and the Fed are more concerned about inflation than they should be.

A Subscriber Is Concerned About the Direction of Interest Rates

Here's what to avoid for now.

Spiking Yields, Catastrophic Miss, Welcome to Week 3, Bat Signal? Walmart Crypto

In short, Friday was simply an absolute disaster for the U.S. in macroeconomic terms.

Inflation Is a Clear and Present Danger

The chances of a significant policy mistake that negatively impacts the economy is the highest it has been in many years.

Tech Beatdown, Technical Tightrope, Treasury Spreads, Fed Out in Force

Plus, many economists don't seem to understand the term "full employment" and earnings season kicks off.