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Interest Rates

Inflation and the Fed, and Europe May Be in a Recession Now

Price action and fundamental conditions show the limits on how high rates can rise.

Why Market Manipulation by the Fed Is a Bad Idea; A Look at Twilio: Market Recon

A shift in the way the central bank manages its balance sheet is dangerous.

Jim Cramer: It Is Time to Burst The 'Fed Bubble' Thesis

This alleged boom has been fueled by tax cuts, not the Fed.

The Fed Is Doing Exactly What the Market Wants

There is nothing in their statement to indicate that more rate hikes will occur soon.

Jim Cramer: Jay Powell Is Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I am urging the Fed chair to wait as there will be adjustments and innovations that keep labor costs down.

Once the Fed Starts Cutting, They Are Not Going to Stop

There is strong precedent for aggressive rate cuts once the Fed gets started.

Equities Make an Impressive Move, but Market Needs to Turn Up the Volume

Market volume has been below average the last couple weeks, but could pick up as the mood swings from one of caution to fear of missing out.

4 Important Things From the Fed Minutes Investors Should Know

If the Fed pauses in March, that decision came after the December meeting.

There's Still Room for Stocks to Rise Before the Market's Next Hurdle

Using a classic ABCD technical pattern as a guide, it appears there is upside potential for the market before it encounters resistance that could stall this nascent rally.

It Isn't Time to Sound the All Clear in the Equity Space Just Yet: Market Recon

Market participants are smart enough to know by now that when one must venture across thin ice, one does not linger.