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Interest Rates

Credit Suisse's Health Concerns Might Force the Fed to Pivot

And the Fed likely wouldn't be the only central bank to back off its rate hike plans if the Zurich-based investment bank does indeed have problems.

Bond Market Liquidity: Even I'm Concerned

It is in the best interests of everyone to see bond markets normalize.

My Prediction for the Fourth Quarter: Pain

The Fed's insistence on raising interest rates fast and furiously and energy troubles in Europe will combine to put immense pressure on the global economy.

The Fed Continues to Resemble the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

The central bank appears to be inflicting more pain on the economy than is necessary to slow job growth.

Wham Bam Thursday, Fed Hammer, Currency Warriors, Tradeable Bottom Near?

Plus, Meta Platforms plans to cut back on staffing levels, and PepsiCo reportedly may do the same.

Lightning Rally, U.K. Squeeze, The 'R' Word, Ian's Ravage, Browsing for Boeing

Wednesday's run for the roses felt like a bear market rally provoked by an external event.

Whether You're Talking Stocks or Bonds, It's Hard to Fight the Bear

The bear clearly has the upper hand, though that doesn't mean it isn't worth stalking bullish reversals in both asset classes.

Central Bank Intervention Throws a Wrench Into Tracking the U.K. Gilt

Technical analysis becomes difficult when non-market forces come into play.

Apple Heartbreak, Bond Breakout, They Asked Evans, Trading Tesla, Going Nuclear

Treasury yield spreads continue to move if not into a healthy configuration, at least a healthier-looking direction.

It's Stocks Vs. Rates, and Traders Are Losing

We failed to get an oversold bounce and the major headwind continues to be interest rates.