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Greif Offers the 'Whole Package'

Traders could buy the industrial packaging company's shares now just to profit from the next bounce towards fair value, or long-term thinkers could make even more.

HD Supply Holdings Charts Are Not Inspiring

The charts and indicators of this industrial distributor are mixed to maybe bearish.

Escalating Profits + Low Valuation = Opportunity

Terex is a major league, high volatility stock (beta = 1.65). That's perfect for those seeking quick profits.

Caterpillar Is Still in a Bear Phase From Early 2018

Let's go through the bearish signals one by one.

Follow One Simple Rule to Avoid Disasters Like 3M's Meltdown

The rule: Never pay more than a stock's normalized valuation when making a new commitment.

Play the Dip on MSC Industrial

Now is the time to buy shares of MSC Industrial, with the stock poised for a rebound after taking a hit.

Acuity Brands: Under-Followed and Under-Valued

This lighting and building management solutions company is a potentially good deal for investors.

General Electric Charts Still in Long-Term Repair Mode

GE will take months and months to build out a proper base that can support a sustained move.

International Paper Doesn't Look Like an Attractive Investment

With considerable chart resistance in the $50 to $56 area International Paper is not attractive at this time.

Cummins Looks Poised for an Upside Breakout, but Don't Jump the Gun

CMI looks poised to break above the October and December highs, but it may be held back by news or rumors on the U.S.-China trade front.