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V-Shaped Bounce Conditions Continue to Develop as Market Ignores Politics

The bounce that began on Friday gains momentum as idle cash looks for a place to go. Stock-picking and rotation are key themes.

Where's the Stock Market Headed Into Year-End? A Technical Look and Strategy

In late August/early September the major indices were making medium-term tops.

Market Bounce Takes Everyone By Surprise

Obstacles that lie ahead, but this market never seems to embrace a negative narrative for long.

Market's Pause From Weakness Is Dubious

Indices advanced on negative breadth.

2 Charts That Shouldn't Be Ignored

They are the charts of the S&P 500 and U.S. dollar, and their patterns could influence most stocks, commodities and currencies.

Certainty of Uncertainty, Lines in the Sand, Election Fears, Fed Alone, Twitter

The result has been a technical breakdown in risk-asset pricing -- and the main culprit is without a doubt, the inability of Congress to compromise.

My Game Plan for This Choppy, Seasonal Market

The pockets of strong movement are very narrow right now.

Don't Get Too Excited About the Market Bounce

Index charts remain largely problematic.

Making Sense of Monday, Apple's 'Tell', Powell's D.C. Dance, Tesla Battery Day

There is only one fact that truly needs to be understood. The virus is still in charge until it is not.

Trends for 2 Key Indices Turn Negative

Market breadth weakens.