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With Energy Stocks Running Out of Gas, Here's My Strategy for Trading Them

And if you want a stock that has bucked the broad market decline, consider Jackson Financial.

An Awful Situation, Surging China Pandemic, Markets Find Religion, Fed, Earnings

One positive takeaway last week was the very low trading volume for Nasdaq-listed stocks in aggregate and for constituent names of the Nasdaq Composite.

The Crowd's Fear Intensifies as Some Charts Weaken

Bullish sentiment is at a 30-year low based on one survey.

My Mea Culpa for Thursday's QQQ Boo-Boo as Even Oil Stocks Slip and Slide

The bulls could be in for a world of hurt if Thursday's price action is any indication.

Hurricane Jerome Hits, Rate Hike Watch, Reduce the Slosh, Advice for the Fed

Plus, a review of Thursday's sudden market turn from sunny and bright to an all-out thunderstorm that hit investors hard.

Small Speculative Traders Are Throwing in the Towel

They are moving on to other things -- and that could be a good indicator.

Chop and Indecision, Bulls and Bears, Ackman and Netflix, My Overnight Trades

Casual observers might not realize that real sea monsters live under the placid surface of the deep green oceans before us.

Market Searches for Momentum as It Tunes Out Netflix

I am much more interested in buying strength than in buying weakness.

Why Tuesday's Action Was Significant for the Market

Key improvements occurred in the stock market. Here's why they are important.

Watching for the Netflix Effect on QQQ and SPY

Tuesday's rally in the Nasdaq and S&P 500 could prove to be short-lived thanks to disappointing subscriber numbers from Netflix.