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We're Upgrading Our Market Outlook: Here's Why

Our near-term outlook for the equity markets has changed.

Trump's Health and the Market, Charts That Matter, Nvidia News, URI Breaks Out

Even more important than fiscal support moving forward would be the concept of Covid-19 very soon being effectively treatable for the public.

Growth Knocked the Cover Off the Ball in Q3

Value will have its day once again.

S&P 500 Estimates Pop, Mixed Technicals: What's It Mean for Markets?

Let's place the data and charts on the scales.

Taking the Pulse of the Market With the Charts and Data

There were some positive technical events Thursday.

Trump's Positive Test Trumps All Else, Unsocial Media, S&P 500 Walks Fine Line

Plus, quick looks at the presidential line of succession and at ongoing foot-dragging in Congress.

DC Do-Over, October Volatility, Positive Technicals, Datadog Breakout, Moderna

Suddenly, both sides realize that they have played politics and the people had noticed. Not those two from Tuesday night. Thankfully.

Hopes of a Stimulus Deal Offset the Obstacle of Technical Overhead

The indices are struggling to follow through to the upside, but the possibility of a stimulus deal is providing support.

Why Our Stock Market Outlook Is Negative

Our latest look at the major equity indices and market data.

Investors, Keep Your Eye on These Market Roadblocks

High-volume resistance levels typically require multiple attempts before being violated.