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Value Stocks Are Cushioning the Blow With Outperformance

This is a side story that is not getting a lot of coverage.

Powell Speaks and the Market Finally Listens as He Praises Volcker

The current Fed Chair's admiration for the legendary Fed chief who wasn't afraid to jack up rates to tame inflation may have been caught a day late.

Index Road Kill, S&P 500 Has a Pulse, Sector Slaughter, Betting on CEOs

Plus, we take a revealing look at the movements in the yield curve and pop in on the dismal charts of Shopify and Peloton Interactive.

This May Be the Most Important Indicator for the Market Right Now

Our recent suggestion of doing some nibbling in stocks remains intact -- with one caveat.

3 Key Fed Takeaways, the Rally, Deciphering Price Discovery, Less Than Convinced

Has the FOMC heeded Market Recon's advice? Probably not.

Market Sentiment Is Sending Even Stronger Bullish Signals

At these levels, this dynamic has frequently resulted in powerful market rallies.

Fundamentals? It Has All Been About Central Bank Liquidity!

All eyes will be on the Fed this Wednesday to see if this 'weakness' will or can cause them to reverse their policy.

Here's Why Trading Has Been Especially Difficult in 2022

Neither of these common strategies are working for traders this year.

Won't Get Fooled Again, Bullish Reversal, Goldman Rocks, Trading Baxter

Markets will either confirm or deny Monday's bullish reversal this week. Traders are already up to their eyeballs in water snakes and alligators.

These Stocks Are in the Dumpster, But I'm Diving In

I am selectively doing some bottom fishing in busted IPO territory.