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Diamonds in the Rough: This DIA Trade Is a Steal

Amid Wednesday's broader market decline, look for a nice rally in the Diamonds as we close out the week.

Respect the Index Trends, But Curb Your Enthusiasm

The Insider Buy/Sell Ratio/Rydex Ratio dynamic widens.

J&J's Pause, Nasdaq Thumbs Up, Amazon Prime Day, Apple Hi, Speed, Veeva Breakout

Now, that we have confirmation from the Nasdaq Composite, I think we can say equity markets are indeed back in what I would consider an uptrend.

Is the Gamma Squeeze Back On?

This is not just simple retail demand for the FATMAAN stocks.

Should You Ride the Market's Wave or Dial It Back?

Index charts remain in uptrends, but overbought conditions are in place.

What's the Outlook for the Markets? A Technical Look at 4 Popular Indices

The idea of strength remains well entrenched in the charts of the S&P 500, Gold, Nasdaq 100 and Russell 2000.

Betting on a Bump in Buffett's Berkshire

With the S&P 500 moving, this is a name I think has potential to run hot next week.

Market Data Start to Tilt the Other Way

A pause/consolidation for stocks looks more likely now.

Index Support Levels Hold on Pullback

Where the market stands after President Trump's surprise tweet.

Bull Market Action Without the FATMAAN

This is the same sort of rotation that we saw in early September.