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Market Broadens, Russell Roars, Recession Debate, Why AMD Moved, Boeing Defect

This could be the most significant technical development for the Russell 2000 and the IWM in quite some time.

More Rotation Out of Big-Cap Tech and Into the Rest of the Market Is Key

The big question is, can the broad market, and small-caps in particular, continue to produce relative strength?

7 Stocks I'm Trading as Small-Cap Rotation Takes Place

The gap between big-cap tech names and the rest of the market has to eventually close.

Market Buoyancy, Apple Vision Pro, Trading Apple Stock, Economic Slowdown Signs

With Apple use the stock's 'thin green line' as a guide.

As Palo Alto Networks Joins the S&P 500, Here's How to Play the Stock

This 'best-in-class' cybersecurity name was already hot, before the news.

Here's Where the Markets Stand After Multiple Positive Events

Let's check the technical dashboard and see how to proceed.

Market Finally Broadens, But 4 Issues Will Now Control the Trading Action

The S&P 500 would be negative for the year if it wasn't for seven big-cap technology stocks.

Fierce Friday, Nasdaq Accelerates, S&P Cracks Resistance, Mixed Jobs, Week Ahead

The sudden appearance of a weaker labor market is likely what's causing the Fed to be considering a 'skip' this month, giving time for the economy on Main Street, USA to catch up to where the Fed has been on policy.

There's an Awful Lot of Giddiness in Technology Stocks

The message of the market for the last two years has been don't fall in love with the bull case or the bear case because just as you do, the market manages to find a reason to go the other way.

Fear and Valuation Battle It Out in a Classic Market Tug of War

Which one will win out?