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This Market Wants You to Be Bullish

It is increasingly difficult to find stocks that I want to buy.

This Market May Just Be in an Uptrend: Market Recon

This is the kind of reversal that happens in a bull market.

Novice Trade: SPY

It appears that the longer the selloff stops, the longer the rally will last.

The Market in 2019: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times?

Stocks look very reasonably valued to start the new year.

Jim Cramer: These Pharma Deals Are Game Changers

Pharma companies that have cash are looking at what has happened to this stock market and buying.

Searching for Signs of Bottoming Action

The big problem this market faces technically is that there isn't much support down to the lows hit on Dec. 24.

My 2019 Outlook for Stocks and Volatility (Plus a Look Back at a Crazy 2018)

If 2018 was kind of a mini-2008, then I think 2019 could be a mini-2009.

Stock Market Charts and Data Say 'Buy'

Everything on our screens is suggesting an imminent positive turn for the major equity indices is at hand.

Protect Capital, Navigate the Indices and Forget Stock Picking For Now

This is not a stock picker's market, so it's time to watch the indexes closely and be patient.

The Markets Are Signaling Something Awful Ahead: Market Recon

Even if the Fed halts its trajectory now, the domestic economy would experience the impact of aggressively tighter policy at least into the second half of 2019.