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The Fed Decision Will Be a Market Mover No Matter What

Computer algorithms will trigger volatility even if there is no surprise news.

Speed Bumps Ahead? Indices Give Up Intraday Gains

The intraday action on Tuesday was troubling, as selling that appeared late in the day pushed most of the indices back to their intraday lows.

Was This a Prelude to a Reversal in Trend for the Market?

The downside action Tuesday afternoon wasn't necessarily a bad thing for stock-pickers.

The S&P Midcap Is Rising, but Watch for Overbought Indicators

The pros are anticipating some near-term weakness.

Some Index Stochastic Levels Are Now Overbought

Let's check the charts and data for any implications.

Inching Closer to the Door: The Best Gains in This Market Are Behind Us

There is a shrinking universe of stocks I like from the long side.

Nasdaq 100 and Composite Poised to Lead the Market Higher

We now suspect the markets will become much more selective regarding upward participation.

Bearish Narrative Once Again Loses Its Bite

What was most impressive Tuesday was that the number of new 12-month highs.

The Number One Reason to Stay Positive About This Stock Market

Trying to predict what the indices are going to do on a day-to-day basis isn't yielding very good returns.

Stock Market Transports Itself Back to Third-Quarter 2018

After a solid showing Monday, the question now is whether the market can continue to move upward with no major news events looming.