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The Hardest Thing in the Market Is Doing What We Know We Should Do

Even Stanley Druckenmiller is undisciplined and makes emotional decisions at times.

With Options Expiring, Buckle Up for Another Volatile Close

The good news is that many stocks have already been hit so hard that they are not sinking quite as fast.

As Bears Pound the Bulls, 2 Indicators Strongly Suggest Relief Is on the Way

They are extremely oversold and at levels coincident with notable market rallies over the past year.

Be on the Lookout, Less-Than-Average Averages, OK Treasuries, Poor Peloton

Plus, in a tough market the semiconductor sector takes a particularly hard whack to the head.

The V-Shaped Bounce May Not Be So Easy This Time

There are two problems with this scenario right now.

If You Own Smaller Stocks, Your Portfolio Could Be in for a Whole Lotta Oof

Rising interest rates are crushing small stocks, so keep an eye on the bond market.

The Most Difficult Market Environment in Many Years

High P/E and high-beta names have had no support regardless of fundamentals.

Disappointing Wednesday, Nasdaq Line, No Fear, Glimmers of Hope? Fed Dreamin'

The longer the Nasdaq remains below the 200-day line, the easier it becomes for risk managers to compel portfolio managers to reduce exposure.

Charts: Some Hammer Levels Hold as Others Fail

The McClellan 1-day OB/OS Oscillators are now in oversold territory.

An Inauspicious Start to 2022 for Biotechs, Builders, Banks and Most Everything

Hope for a January Effect rally has gone unfulfilled as both big-cap and small-cap stocks take it on the chin.