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Nasdaq Hits New High, But What About the Rest of the Market?

The 10-year Treasury yield remains in a downtrend from its March peak.

The Charts of Honeywell Begin to Sweeten

Here's where aggressive traders could go long HON at current levels.

It Is a Dull Market, but Here Are Several Names I'm Trading

Action like this sometimes leads to a 'don't short a dull market' response.

Interest Rates and Russell Rebalancing Drive the Market Action

You won't hear much about the rebalancing of the Russell indices, but it is a major market driver this week.

2 Signs the Market Is Ready for a Bounce

Most charts have broken support, but the recent slide may be close to a near-term low.

Here's My Version of Diamond Hands

These calls cost about $5.00 were $10 in the money about 10 days ago.

Market Rotation Continues: What's Up and What's Down

Once again, there is bifurcated action on the charts.

Some Charts Weaken, Others Hold in Reaction to Fed

Data remain mixed.

My Fed Reaction, Hawkish or Late? Projections, Taper Timing, Stagflation Threat

The change in the FOMC's projections in just three months' time tell us one thing: those sitting on the committee just do not know any more than do the rest of us.

Dow's Trend Goes Negative Ahead of Fed Announcement

Despite FOMC jitters, the 10-year Treasury yield was unchanged at 1.5%.