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Equities Are In Their Own Merry World, Right Now

The FX and bond markets are trading logically, and any major news or headwind could change trend in the equity markets, and quickly.

This One Key Index No Longer Has a Positive Trend

Only two indices remain in near-term uptrends.

Should We Buy the Dip or Prepare for More Downside?

Here are some tools to determine whether we can expect big market shifts.

Downshifting Our Outlook as Yellow Flags Appear on the Charts

The likelihood of support levels being tested has increased.

IBM and Netflix Go Separate Ways in Nervous Trading

I don't expect to see the bears and shorts press too hard right now but there isn't going to be much upside momentum.

Novice Trade: SPY

If there were any real risk of a major selloff I think the VIX would have begun popping.

We Have Our Eyes on the Transports

The most notable technical event on Tuesday happened with the Dow Transports.

How We View This Market at All-Time Highs

All indices are now in short-term uptrends and above their 50-day moving averages.

Valuation Becomes Less Attractive as Market Soars to New Highs

A close look at the charts and data as earnings season approaches.

Will Earnings Season Upset This Complacent Market?

The indices are in good shape technically, although there was choppy and inconsistent action under the surface Thursday.