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Stock Market Continues to Defy Conventional Wisdom

Concerns about the action being overheated remain, but rotational action keeps the momentum going.

We've Upgraded Our Market Outlook: Here's Why

Our discipline requires us to change our near-term view.

Nasdaq Reclaims Its Uptrend

Market psychology and valuation continue to show warning signs.

S&P 500 Has Had a Great 4-Year Run, but Getting There Hasn't Always Been Fun

The stock index from the start to the end of the Trump presidency has soared, but the level of volatility during certain periods was unsettling.

Hungry Traders and Stock Opportunities Aren't Likely to Go Away Soon

It doesn't take much time for stocks with strong momentum to reset and continue on their way.

Psychology Data for the Market Flashes Red

These conditions presented themselves four times in 2020, three of which resulted in market corrections.

Deceptive Thursday, Biden's Grand Plan, Powell's Perspective, Earnings Begin

Plus, a look at the unusual chart pattern of Chegg Inc. and what it may mean.

Amid New Market Highs, Psychology and Valuation Warnings

Eager crowd buyers juxtaposed with actively selling insiders always raises a yellow flag.

Market Themes, Yield Spreads, Treasury Auction, JNJ Vaccine, Trading Medtronic

If all goes well, JNJ could be able to immunize a billion individuals this year just by themselves.

Stock-Picking Becomes More Important in This Market Environment

All psychology data are now flashing caution signals.