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Can Anything Stop the Nasdaq?

A lack of enthusiasm on the part of the 'crowd' remains an important positive factor.

It's Hard to Resist Those Index Shorts but They Still Aren't Working

The action is shifting a bit and the momentum has cooled.

What the Charts and Data Say as We Start the Third Quarter

Valuation continues to be troubling.

Are Your Index Trades Making You Money or Distracting From Better Opportunities?

I have to remind myself that they should just be an adjunct to the trading of individual stocks.

2 Key Index Charts Turn Negative

S&P 500 remains overvalued amid market weakness.

Index and Pension Rebalancing Acts Will Impact the Markets Near Term

The headlines about increased Covid-19 cases are unlikely to be a significant market factor as we wrap up this week and enter next week.

Some Charts Violate Support and Trend

Assessing the damage to the indices after Wednesday's drop.

In a Shaky Market, Give Yourself Some Breathing Room

Two things to focus on; trading strategy; a look at SPY; and the upcoming rebalancing.

What the Market's Charts and Data Are Telling Us

There's one persistent reason why we are not more bullish.

Wild Night With Navarro, Nasdaq vs. S&P, Strat-O-Matic, in Praise of Walmart

Are equity markets still in a confirmed uptrend? It depends on which index you look at.