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Riding the Index Wave Higher Emerges as the Investing Path of Least Resistance

The continued push of the major indices toward all-time highs is occurring despite mediocre market breadth.

Scaling the Current Peak and Testing the S&P 500 Porridge: Market Recon

Plus, a glance at news about Disney+, Boeing's 737 Max and Alphabet's "Project Nightingale."

S&P 500 Is at Fair Value as Insiders Sell

The market's overall picture is one of elevated risk.

The Market Presents Big Challenges for Both Bulls and Bears

Although the indices are close to all-time highs, less than half of stocks are over their 200-day simple moving averages.

Stock Market Data Take a Cautionary Turn

We may be seeing some weakening of the recent rally strength.

Will the Fed Have the Guts to Ease Off Now?

The Fed has done what was necessary and now is on hold for the foreseeable future.

Why You May Want to Wait to Buy in This Market

A degree of caution is appropriate at this time.

The Market Is Still in Reset Mode, but Indices Are Holding Up

Many stocks need rest and small-cap earnings season is rocky, but that doesn't mean the indices are going to see significant downside.

The Market Is Ready for a Reset

Many charts have developed nicely in recent weeks, but now they need to reboot and develop new entry points.

Jim Cramer: The Machines Are (Yet Again) Sucking Liquidity Out of the Market

What is really driving this rally is the inability of algorithmic traders to moderate their buying.