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Market's 'Superficial' Highs Are Only Skin Dip

You can't call this market overbought when so much of it isn't participating.

Market Checkup: What the Latest Charts and Data Are Saying

The S&P 500's valuation continues to be extended.

Why We Raised Our Market Outlook

Can the market break out from its recent pause?

A Pause That Refreshes?

It would not be unusual to see a consolidation of recent market gains before the current uptrend resumes.

The Battle Between Economic Growth and Inflation Has Indices at a Standstill

Traders and investors are looking ahead to the next potential market catalyst.

Bubbly Action, Bad Breadth, Credit Suisse Stumbles, SDR Charade, Eye on Big Tech

I find this action most likely to be less than sustainable, without provoking an algorithmic counter. In other words, don't just be nimble, but tread softly.

13 Stocks on My Radar Amid a Wall of Worry

The action so far looks to be driven more by fear of being left out than euphoric chasing.

The Nasdaq's Trend Has Shifted

Only one major index now remains in a downtrend.

Nasdaq Rally, Infrastructure Bumps, Cards Off the Table, Microsoft's 'Pennant'

Yes, the cost of doing business in the U.S. is going higher. How close are we to becoming an artificially managed economy, which by the way has failed on every attempt made in human history?

Inflation and Rotation Will Be Key Themes as We Start the Second Quarter

The disconnect between the indices and the speculative favorites will be a crucial issue as we move forward.