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Market Goes From Oversold to Overbought With 'Top-Down Action'

Macroeconomic drama creates big moves but can't be used for accurate market timing.

Sorry, This Bear Market Is Probably Only Two-Thirds Over

Here's why, even after two days of rallies, I am not moved to declare that the bear market is finished.

Use This Market Strength for Repositioning

This is a classic bear market bounce so far, with poorly positioned market players adding exposure by buying index plays.

Charts Suggest a Possible Turning Point for the Markets

Here's why we now believe weakness can be bought with a higher level of confidence.

Put on Your Rally Cap, as We Turn the Last Two Inside-Out

Here's how Monday's surge lines up versus last Wednesday's rug pull. And does everyone and their mother still like bonds?

Let's See If the Market's Latest Bounce Has Legs This Time

Don' be sucked into hyperventilating about a market bottom.

There's Light Behind the Clouds, But Indexes Still Lack Reversal Signals

2 key charts closed below prior support Friday.

You Can Trade Bounces, But You Can't Trust Them Right Now

The action continues to be quite coordinated as the main focus is on buying indexes rather than individual stocks.

The Bad News and the Good News Heading Into Q4 2022

Get ready for what should be a tremendous recovery as we progress through the strongest three months of the calendar based on decades of stock market history.

Chinese Property Props Up Plunging Hong Kong Stocks

The Hang Seng Index closed at an 11-year low, with losses in financials and tech, although piecemeal property measures out of Beijing temporarily boosted developers.