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Some Support Levels Tested, but What's the Trend?

A deep dive into the latest index charts and data.

Will the Indices Find Support Without a Full Retest of the Lows?

Optimism tends to drive the oversold, counter-trend bounces, while reality tends to end them.

Which Do You Believe, the Charts or Data?

Index charts may be setting up to test their respective support levels.

These 2 Value Portfolios Are Doing OK, Relatively Speaking

The two portfolios, one active and the other passive, have sagged with the broader market but still are outperforming a pair of Russell value indices.

Living Dangerously, Trading Volumes and E-Commerce Sales

With the faster news cycle and quicker speed of transactions, it makes sense that a market bottom might be reached quicker. But this looks more like a retest than a bottom.

Will the Coronavirus Crisis Produce the Shortest Bear Market in History?

Every significant bear market in the past has seen substantial bounces just like what we are experiencing now.

Want Some Encouraging Market Signs? I've Got a Few for You

Index data continue to send bullish signals.

Market Players Want to Believe the Worst Is Over

Don't rush to buy for fear that you are going to miss the best entry points. Countertrend bounces should not be easily trusted.

What's Next for the Markets? Here's What the Charts and Data Say

Psychology indicators remain bullish.

With Volatile Dow Moves, Keep Things in Perspective

The bounce in the DJIA hasn't produced the shortest bear market in history or a new bull market.