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These 'Small Ball' Names Will Outperform the Market in 2019

Investors are already more focused on what lies ahead when Q1 results start in early April.

These Stocks Stand to Be the Losers and Winners as China's Housing Market Cools

Investors should focus their attention on safer, well-capitalized names as the country's housing market teeters on the brink of a downturn.

Jim Cramer: The Weakness in China Improves the Chance of a Trade Deal

Global economic weakness just adds to the pressure, here is what the Chinese should do.

Home Buyer Abandons Major Downpayment in Savage Hong Kong Selloff

2 Hong Kong housing market fiascos demonstrate how sentiment has declined.

Some Early 2019 Market Observations

I would not be surprised if we see a bout of profit-taking in the near future given the sharpness of the recent rebound.

Jim Cramer: Today's Theme - Buy Ahead of the End of Bad News

Micron is a perfect example of how the stock market does work.

Jim Cramer: The Fed Wants a Higher Level of Growth As a Cushion

Retail and housing stocks are reacting to what will happen this spring, rather than Fed fears. This is how to play it.

Jim Cramer: 7 Winning Stocks in Q4, and Where They Stand for 2019

These names performed well in Q4, but what does the coming year hold, and which ones could run further?

Alarm.com Is an Attractive Stock

ALRM is a play on the smart home thesis.

Hooker Furniture: A Benjamin Graham-Based Defensive Stock for the New Year

Let's start the new year with a nod toward the father of value investing.