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3 Reporting Companies That Really Pique My Interest

The trio issuing quarterly results consists of a homebuilder, a software behemoth and a semiconductor giant.

Is Wells Fargo Primed for a Rally? If So, Here's the Trade

Ahead of Friday's earnings, WFC said it's refocusing it's mortgage business.

2 Beaten-Down Stocks Get Some Contrarian Love From Analysts

A housing-related name and an RV manufacturer each receive a bit of positive attention.

Here's How the Housing Market Is Different This Time

Lax lending standards largely were to blame for the last housing bubble; this time, speculation in the short-term rental market could be the culprit.

After a Year Like This, I've Found a True 'Alternative' Investment

The end of the year can't get here fast enough for most investors.

Tradable Top? Macroeconomic Misery, FOMC, Housing Data, More Earnings

We are just now starting to experience the negative impacts of the FOMC's aggressive monetary policy stance for 2022.

15 Years Ago, the Housing Market Crashed Under Similar Circumstances

Is housing history about to repeat?

Home Depot vs. Lowe's

Let's compare the home improvement giants head to head, and see if one stock has an advantage over the other.

3 Turkey Stocks That Should Have Better Years in 2023

The prospects for this trio are better than in the current year, which has been rough on all three.

An ETF 'Angel' Has Descended Up Us, but Watch Out for a Hard Landing

Let's look at the newest fund from Angel Oak with a 'strong bias toward residential mortgage credit' -- and see how the economy could weigh on its performance.