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Does LendingTree Have a Solid Root System?

This stock could use a correction.

Honeywell Spinoffs Are Not Attracting Strong, Committed Buyers

Let's check out a couple of charts of Garrett Motion and Resideo Technologies.

6 Ways to Build Value With Homebuilding Stocks

Low interest rates, continued low unemployment and high consumer confidence are bullish props to this sector.

I'm Unapologetically Overweight in These 2 Sectors

The two are homebuilding and biotech, and there are stocks within those sectors where I've parked my money.

Jim Cramer: Here Are 2 Stocks That Know Which Way the Wind Blows

I have always been fond of KB Home and Jabil even as they have never been the darlings of the industry community.

KB Home Could Grind Out a Modest Gain in the Weeks Ahead

Let's see what the charts and indicators are saying now.

These 5 Small Caps Are Well Positioned Despite Escalating Trade Tensions

They're the kind of names, along with a big dollop of cash in my portfolio, I plan to wait out the 'trade wars'.

Jim Cramer: The Robust American Consumer

The freedom of choice coupled with a plentiful job market and frugality define this new beast.

The Charts of D.R. Horton Could Benefit From Lower Interest Rates

Let's check them closely.

Home Depot Is Still Pointed Up but With Some Bearish Divergences

Let's check out the latest HD charts.