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Scoring the 'Title'

Retitling is a profitable business as seen with Fidelity National Financial. Let's see how to play it.

There Are Ample Reasons for My Abundance of Caution Around the Markets

I think inflation is going to be a major theme to the economy and markets in the coming months and years.

Bet the 'House' With Realogy

Let's look at how to play Realogy, the parent of Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby's International Realty and Better Homes and Gardens Realty.

Highlights From the March FOMC Minutes

I expect that stronger economic data will actually cause the market to assume more rate hikes down the road.

Bubbles May Be Forming in Some Places, but Probably Not in Value Stocks

The hot markets for housing and trading cards may not last, but it appears value stocks finally are enjoying their day in the sun.

2 Land Plays That Insiders Are Buying

Green Brick Partners and Limoneira Co. offer reasons to buy their shares beyond the recent insider purchases of stock.

Jim Cramer: For This Pandemic, and the Next, There Are Several Stocks I Like Now

There's an undercurrent that will grow over time, basically what tailwinds from the pandemic will stay with us after the pandemic's over.

I Am Keeping a Wary Eye on Inflation

Evidence of rising prices is everywhere; the big question is whether this surge is a blip or a something that will get out of hand.

Survival Tactics Are Required in This World of 'Peak Stupidity'

At some point a day of reckoning will come in a juiced-up market, but it is pure conjecture as to when that will be.

Don't Be Surprised if Toll Brothers Pulls Back in the Short-Run

Let's review the charts and indicators.