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Chinese Property Props Up Plunging Hong Kong Stocks

The Hang Seng Index closed at an 11-year low, with losses in financials and tech, although piecemeal property measures out of Beijing temporarily boosted developers.

I'm Taking the Conservative Route With My Money

It's time to play defensive as nearly all the economic signs point to a slowing economy, which won't be good for stocks.

Coming off a Banner Year, With a Slowdown Ahead, Is This Stock Priced Right?

If nothing else, this is a potentially interesting story.

More Members of the Market Chorus Are Singing the Third-Quarter Blues

The volume level has been building as more companies have acknowledged the negative impact of inflation and other economic stumbling blocks.

Before Buying Housing Stocks, Inspect the Market's Foundation for Cracks

Here's why I'd sell homebuilders into a rally.

Cruisin' for a Bruisin', More Data Ugliness, Inversion Update, FedEx Red Flags

As for Thursday's trading, the longer it lasted, the worse it became.

Mild Inflation Sends Hong Kong and China Shares Higher

Chinese stocks broke a streak of downward pressure, but property developers face a troubled economy where 'only the fittest can survive.'

Relief Rally, Powell and the Fed Heads, Deflationary Forces, Apple's Clever Move

Is a Fed pivot near? Not necessarily. However, at least one of the Fed's key thinkers is at least doing just that... thinking.

Bearish Bets: 3 Stocks You Should Think About Shorting This Week

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

As Earnings Season Winds Down, 2 Stragglers Beat Earnings Expectations

The quarterly results from Best Buy and American Woodmark surprise to the upside on the bottom line, though revenue at the former fell from a year earlier.