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Procter & Gamble Could Generate Good Gains in Addition to the Yield

Time to review the charts and indicators.

Lowe's Could Make an Impressive Recovery in the Months Ahead

The $130 area would be our ambitious price target for the second half of 2020.

Home Depot Looks Firmly Rooted as Garden Season Starts

The charts of HD are not bad looking and have been holding up pretty well in this trying market.

3M Needs to Form a Lengthy Base Before It Is Attractive Again

The technology giant has been in bearish mode for quite some time and likely will need to rebase before the coast is clear to buy it.

Costco's Charts Jump as Stockpile Buying Grips Nervous Shoppers

Let's check out the charts to see if this rally can continue.

Looking at Clorox Shares Amid Soaring Disinfectant Sales

Here's our latest strategy on the stock.

Peloton Isn't a Must Own but One to Consider

I see no reason to hurry or force things right now.

Here's How I'm Going to Protect My Profits in Home Depot

I would not be surprised to see the name sell off in this weak tape after all of the post earnings hype wears off.

Home Depot Shares Jump Higher Following Its Sales Increase

Go long or add to longs when prices make a new high for the move up.

Home Depot Appears Set to Build Higher Over the Long Haul

If it gets dragged lower with the broader market, HD could dip, but then the charts and indicators show it will likely rise after.