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Here's How to 'Home' in on Good Investments

Let's open the door to opportunities in the private mortgage insurance business -- and use them as an example of how to get in early when investing.

Buy Essent Before It Makes Its Ascent

ESNT is a growth stock at a better-than-reasonable price right now.

This Dividend 'Blue Chip' Will Catch You When You're Down

The Travelers Companies should provide an umbrella during a recession and has a strong dividend track record.

Make Yourself at Home With This Bargain Stock

Essent Group provides private mortgage insurance, commonly known as PMI, and now it's at a great price.

This Company Sells Something Few People Actually Want, but It's Still a Winner

See how this company profits from sales of Private Mortgage Insurance, and how investors can, too.

Congress Passes Disaster Tax Relief for the Hurricane Victims

TheStreet reports on how congress made it easier to file for your 2017 taxes if you were a victim of Hurricane Harvey, Irma or Maria.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Fire Insurance

Make sure you check your homeowners insurance policy for fire coverage -- here's what you need to know.

Here's What You Should Do After a Flood

Financial losses can add up quickly, so don't waste any time calling your insurance company.

Celebrities That Have Stepped Up During Hurricane Harvey

Big salaries, big donations.

How Umbrella Insurance Could Save You Millions

Umbrella coverage is the most valuable policy that you probably don't have right now.