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Don't Bet Against Brick-and-Mortar Retailers on Black Friday

For all the talk about Cyber-Monday's growing importance on the retail calendar, a 2016 Black Friday survey demonstrates.

Jim Cramer's Retail Round Up: Ross Stores Wins, Gap Was Disappointing

Jim Cramer picks the winners and losers after retailers report results.

Jim Cramer Says it's Hard to Choose Winners and Losers This Holiday Season

Jim Cramer explains why this holiday shopping season is a hard one for investors to navigate.

Here's Why Some UPS Workers May Be Going on Strike as Holiday Shopping Season Begins

A slew of UPS workers may be going on strike.

5 Tips for Small Businesses Looking to Ship Holiday Packages

The holidays can be a boon for small businesses, but they can also cause major headaches for those who need to ship to their customers.

Great Thanksgiving Wines From California's Kenny Likitprakong

Richard Hanano is going very long on Kenny Likitprakong's wines.

Walmart's Attack Plan to Steal the Holiday Season from Amazon Is Ridiculously Simple

From more bodies in stores to help shoppers checkout to more toy exclusives, Walmart is leaving no stone un-turned in effort to win the holidays.

Here Is How Data Breaches May Affect the 2016 Holiday Shopping Season

Consumers are willing to give retailers the benefit of the doubt in the event of a data breach, according to new research from Deloitte, released on Wednesday.

Here's Why 4th of July is the Deadliest Day on the Road

Fourth of July may be best known as a day to fire up the grill or head to the beach, but it is also the deadliest day on the road.

July Fourth in New York City Means Two Things: Fireworks and Hot Dog Eating Contests

The Independence Day holiday has some seemingly unrelated associations that have become American traditions.