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Youth Gone Wild, The Swarm of Individual Traders, GameStop, Melvin Capital

As a trader who at times takes short positions, I don't know whether to stand up and applaud this group or to fear them.

Small Traders Are in Control of This Market

That 'dumb' money can overpower giant hedge funds and create massive, short squeezes is a good indication that there is still plenty of buying power out there.

Jim Cramer: Think Bonds Are Safe Bets? Think Again

When I was started at Goldman Sachs 38 years ago, I was schooled on bonds vs. stocks. The tables, however, have turned.

Average Joe Has One Up on the Smart Money, but for How Long?

Retail investors have been outperforming hedge fund managers and institutions, though the verdict is still out on whether the party will last.

Jim Cramer: Hedge Funds Meet Their Match

I know that some funds actually lost their whole year or worse, because they stayed short and were forced to cover these shorts.

Jim Cramer: Every Bull Has Its Day

Science and ingenuity will prove the doomsday crowd wrong.

Fed Finally Gets It, Calling AT&T and Microsoft Delivers: Market Recon

A dividend hike and a big buyback authorization by Mr. Softee should produce value for shareholders.

Jim Cramer: Lyft, IPOs, Supply and Demand

All of the semis, the cloud kings, software, all for sale.

Activists Aim to Eliminate Dual Role for Allergan CEO Saunders

David Tepper's Appaloosa LP renews calls for changes at the top.

Jim Cramer: There is Too Much Life Support to Declare the Bull Market Dead

Ever-increasing demand from index funds makes it hard to imagine a truly bear market.