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The Social Media Squeeze Play Is Over

Market players revert back to small-cap stock-picking, especially in the SPAC sector.

Jim Cramer: The Stock Market Is a Caveat Emptor Institution

But that doesn't mean that it's rigged.

There Are 2 Things I'll Be Watching for With Reddit/Wall Street Bets

The success of GameStop and now silver will draw pumpers and frontrunners into the WSB crowd.

Short-Squeeze Trade Lags: Here Are 2 Names on My List

Professional hedge fund managers adjust very fast, and they've done a lot of unwinding in order to restore flexibility.

Markets Focused on Relief Package, Price Is No Longer Truth, 'Unhedged Funds'

Let's not kid ourselves that there is any longer some kind of relationship between price and value. Or fact and truth.

Don't Get Fooled by the Narrative of the 'Little Guys vs Wall Street'

What if the Redditors are actually hedge fundies?

A 'Yippee Ki Yay' Spirit Suddenly Has Risen to Rattle the Markets in 2021

Small traders are flexing their collective muscle to take on the Wall Street establishment, and it appears they're eyeing silver next.

Don't Be a Melvin

Regardless of whether you are long, short, or indifferent to GameStop, don't be greedy. Don't ignore risk.

What Really Happened Wednesday, Is This 'It'?, Fed, Trading Apple, Tesla, AMD

Everyone gets frightened. Everyone fears the water moccasin when hip deep in the swamp. Everyone fears what they cannot see, and what they do not understand.

A Rush to Rotate Into Short-Squeeze Plays Is Roiling the Market

The market is struggling with instability as a massive, short-squeeze movement continues. 'Good' stocks are being dumped by funds to pay for short-selling losses.