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What Is the 60/40 Asset Allocation Rule?

The mainstay strategy of investing 60% of your portfolio into stocks and another 40% into bonds is not only outmoded, but also does not generate enough income for many people as lifespans have increased.

Carl Icahn: A Brief History of Trump's Former Adviser

In case you weren't familiar with corporate-raider turned activist, Carl Icahn.

5 Financial Stocks That Have Soared Since the Presidential Election

Financial stocks have shown remarkably consistent gains since Donald Trump's election

'It's Up to the U.K.' to Decide How Brexit Ends

European Council President Donald Tusk has stated that the U.K. is responsible for deciding how Brexit ends

Jack Bogle, Peter Schiff, Jim Cramer & Dave Callaway Share Black Monday Memories

30 years later, we are looking back at what it was like to live through the tense moments of the Black Monday Crash.

Bitcoin Hits Record High as It Surges Above $7,000

The cryptocurrency extended its incredible six-fold year-to-date gains

Video: 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort on Financial Fraud and Bitcoin

Jordan Belfort served time in prison for financial crimes. His story is based off of the 2013 movie 'The Wolf of Wall Street.' Belfort is out with a new book 'Way of the Wolf' and joined TheStreet to discuss financial fraud and bitcoin.

Jordan Belfort Reveals Why Financial Fraud Is Still at Large

Financial fraud, such as pump and dump schemes, still occur today, according to Jordan Belfort, who served time in prison for financial crimes. Belfort is out with a new book 'Way of the Wolf.'

South Korea's Financial Regulator Bans Initial Coin Offerings

The Financial Services Commission believes that cryptocurrencies need to be tightly controlled

VW, Inflation and Cryptocurrencies - This is What You Need to Know on Friday

European stocks grind higher as a hectic third quarter comes to a close