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Melvin Capital's Demise Presents a Beauty of an Opportunity

The top holder in several companies, the hedge fund's abrupt liquidation has contributed to weakness.

Twitter and Musk, Monday Reversal, Treasuries, Energy's Hammer, Kohl's Cash-Out?

I found two very interesting takeaways from Monday's sharp market reversal.

Kass: Why I Remain More Concerned About Return OF Capital Than Return ON Capital

TINA (there is no alternative) is dateless, but her popular cousin CITA (cash is the alternative) is enjoying the prom.

Billionaire Bill Ackman's Market-Beating Hedge Fund Owns Only 7 Stocks

Pershing Square, which the public has the opportunity to buy into, has outperformed the market the past few years through its uniquely structured plays and high conviction ideas.

Toshiba Faces Fight With Shareholders Over Planned 3-Way Split

Activist investors say a three-way division of the Japanese company is yet another effort to evade outside pressure and keep management in place.

Growth Is Back With a Vengeance Vs. Value, So Is The Great Rotation Over?

That's hard to say, though the next few months could answer that question.

I've Made a 'Discovery'

I see a pop in this name that was hit by the hedge fund saga -- here's how to play it.

Speaking Truth, Archegos Capital, Jobs Week, Corporate Tax Rate

Has the dire need for human involvement in the process of price discovery ever been more obvious?

Forced Liquidation of Archegos Positions Is Creating Chaos and Opportunity

The blow-up of a fund last Friday is causing repercussions, but it is simply accelerating corrective action that was already underway.

Jim Cramer: This GameStop Nonsense Has Gotten Out of Hand

It has become the market equivalent of the storming of the Capitol, and the viciousness must stop.