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Neutral Is a Position, and Las Vegas IS an Indicator

When it comes to markets, positions are to be courted, not married.

Doug Kass: A Stock Market on Tilt?

There are no new eras and human nature and conditions never change -- nor have investors learned from history.

CPI Main Event, Disney-Peltz Proxy Battle, Pump Up the Volume, January Effect

Disney is not the first well-known firm to be taken on by Peltz and Trian.

Doug Kass: What If David Tepper Is Wrong?

The hedge fund manager may have projected 'group stink' and too much 'first-level thinking.'

David Tepper Holding Antero Resources Is Poised for a Major Breakout

The hedge fund manager has a long position in the energy company.

As the Market Cheers the Soft Data, Let the Hedge Funds Play Their Games

When positions get too one-sided, they can snap back in the opposite way -- but that may not mean there is a change in trend.

Doug Kass: Why the S&P 500 May Stay Resilient Even in the Face of a Tech Wreck

The broader market is benefiting from several factors that are counteracting FAANG +M.

A 'Noble' Endeavor: You Might Say Yes to the NOPE ETF by George Noble

The veteran global macro hedge fund manager is making his strategies available to the investing public for less than 2% in fees.

What Hedge Funds Are Telling Us About the Markets

For one, they don't expect things to improve anytime soon.

Summer Beatdown, Run for the Hills? SOX Socked, Hedge Fund Bets, Monday's Buys

Sellers went into Friday with huge six-to eight-week profits, and came out of Monday with cash in hand.