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More Big Deals for Health Care Eyed in 2022

As M&A investments could hit $400 billion this year, watch for buys in health technology and data, biotech, pharma and medical devices.

Get All Your Ducks in a Row With This Dividend Aristocrat

Aflac is a dividend aristocrat that offers a safe yield and strong total returns.

Get Your Portfolio Healthy with CVS

CVS has strong fundamentals, a good price, and plenty of room to catch up.

This Insurer Looks Just Ducky

Well-regarded supplemental health care insurance firm Aflac sports an 'A' for financial strength -- here's how to play it at this great valuation.

This Dividend 'Blue Chip' Will Catch You When You're Down

The Travelers Companies should provide an umbrella during a recession and has a strong dividend track record.

Here's a Multi-National Bargain From a Name You've Never Heard Of

Ebix Inc. provides enterprise cloud e-commerce products for the insurance, finance and health care industries, and it's a great way to play the software-as-a-service theme for a low price.

Investors Waking Up to New Cannabis Opportunity: Sleep Aids

Studies appear to back up some cannabis products' use in helping users catch needed z's.

China Virus Gives Markets a Reason for Rest

The market was looking for an excuse to sell off and come back to more normal levels, and now we have the pandemic that is the coronavirus.

Jim Cramer: The HQ for Innovation Is Right Here in San Francisco

The NYSE used to be the center of capitalism, but now it's where actual engineering, not financial engineering, is taking place.

Should You Be Preparing to Supplement Your Portfolio With More CVS Stock?

Here's how two big events early this week make me view this name that's one of my favorite undervalued, dividend-paying companies.