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Coming Up Short? Here Are Some Stocks to Consider

To effectively generate profits, a trader must pick several companies in a sector and short the whole bunch.

Ambiomed Stock: A Look Forward

ABMD has been one of the best-performing stocks in the S&P 500 over the past five years.

CareDx Looks Like It Can Continue Its Impressive Rally, So Go Long

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Can Saggy Fitbit Regain Its Shape? This Value Investor Hopes So

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Walgreens Needs More Bottoming Price Action to Get My Recommendation

Let's stand back a little and get some perspective on how prices have behaved.

Not High on Canopy Growth's Earnings? Take a Deeper Look

At first glance, CGC's report looks like a drag, but you must dig into the weeds to see how timing and the industry are at play.

Long the Apple of My Eye

Going long on the tech giant is more about health care and credit card offerings than the iPhone.

Danaher Could Dip Near-Term, Providing a Buying Opportunity

DHR shares are up 35% in 2019.

Dexcom Looks Like It Can Finally Break Out on the Topside

Let's check the charts and indicators on the glucose-monitoring company.

Medtronic Is Edging Closer to an Upside Breakout on the Charts

No one knows their business as well as the CEO.