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Add Vinco Ventures to My Roster of NFT Plays That Are Worth a Shot

Vinco's twist on non-fungible tokens is a three-dimensional NFT that brings entertainers and athletes into your living room via virtual and augmented reality.

Dancing With Shadows, Curve Compression, Small-Caps Uncapped, Oil Floats Higher

Plus, the Senate passes a big, fat bill to promote the nation's ability to compete on the technology innovation front.

Jobs Data Flim Flam, AMC Matinee Trading, 2 Breakout Candidates, Wake Up, Fed

Plus, it appears there may be headway on an infrastructure bill that could work for both sides of the aisle.

Look Beyond the Dow And You'll See Some Good Trading

Growth stocks and speculative small caps have perked up nicely.

Opening the Biotech Mailbag to Find Big News About a Trio of Stocks

There's a merger involving one company, a collaborative agreement for another and hints of a positive regulatory development for a third.

Here's My List of Billion Dollar Bets

Let's look at seven names that you can buy right now and watch grow.

Psychedelic Industry Setting Up For an Even Bigger 2021

Dealmaking is going strong and looks set to continue as mental health becomes a key investment theme going forward.

Jim Cramer: Post-Snowflake Hangover Puts Easy-to-Understand Stocks Back on Map

Copper and gold producer Freeport-McMoRan serves an example of a dull but cheap stock that is finding investor favor again.

Cannabis Company Eyes Medicinal Magic of Mushrooms

Mydecine Innovations Group -- formerly known as NewLeaf -- signed an agreement with the University of Alberta's Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

If You Invest in Small-Cap Stocks, You've Got to Learn to Deal With Setbacks

Tivity Health's big price drop serves as an example of the thought process an investor must go through when a holding takes an unexpected hit.