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Here's What to Expect From Biotech in 2023

After a cruel 2022, here are my views on this high-beta sector as we head into the new year.

Even as the Market Recedes, Growth Stocks Are Still No Bargain

It's hard to justify the high valuations for many growth issues when economic conditions around the globe are far from robust.

Carvana Has a Difficult Uphill Climb After a Series of 'Engine' Problems

An unsettling secondary offering is reminiscent of Peloton's in the wake of its dramatic fall from the highs.

Kass: Why I Remain More Concerned About Return OF Capital Than Return ON Capital

TINA (there is no alternative) is dateless, but her popular cousin CITA (cash is the alternative) is enjoying the prom.

So What Exactly Was That on Thursday, Anyway?

Whether Thursday's bullish reversal in stocks was a bottom or just another tradable low is anyone's guess, so let's focus on Friday.

A Noteworthy Change Happened Last Friday, but Will It Continue This Week?

Small-caps and stocks that are part of the ARK Innovation ETF fared better than the big growth names on Friday and are worth watching this week.

An Experienced Hand Launches 3 ETFs Under His Own Flag

ETF veteran Kevin Kelly is the force behind Kelly ETFs, which this month introduced three funds with distinctly different focuses.

Tech Beatdown, Technical Tightrope, Treasury Spreads, Fed Out in Force

Plus, many economists don't seem to understand the term "full employment" and earnings season kicks off.

Moderna's Patent Credit, Palantir and ARK, Musk Sells Tesla as EV Stocks Climb

Plus, the intersection of rising inflation and a slowing velocity of money give us reason for pause.

2 Promising Small Biotechs in a Year That Has Been Tough on Most Little Guys

There are reasons to believe the shares of Dynavax Technologies and Eyenovia Inc. could do well in the months ahead.