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Going to College

Where to Find the Best Spring Deals in May

With Mother's Day, Memorial Day Weekend and graduation season all in the same month spring shoppers could use all the savings they can get.

Most and Least Expensive States for College in the U.S.

Costs at both public and private colleges have soared more than 150% since 1975.

What's the Best Public University in Your State?

If you're in the middle of your college search, you'll want to see this list of the top public universities in America.

How to Put the Gift of College in Your Child's Stocking

In six months, your child will probably not be playing with that toy you bought for Christmas. That's why you are better off giving the gift of college.

How to Plan and Finance Your Family's College Dreams

The cost of college continues to rise dramatically and parents need to start saving for their children as early as pre-school!

Why Investing in Education Has Been a Spectacular Failure for Some Billionaires

The possibility of transforming America's education system has lured some very gifted businesspeople to invest in what have often turned out to be spectacular failures.

Here Is What You Need to Know About Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's Student Loan Plans

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have proposed measures to help students suffering from burdensome college debt.

Ways New Grads Can Start to Put Their Money to Work

It's time to start thinking about your future, like the 50 years down the road kind of future.

Revenue Growth Proving Skeptics Wrong Says 2U CEO

Shares of online education provider 2U Inc. sank last fall after an investing newsletter questioned its pipeline, valuation and business model.

These States Are Doing a Terrible Job Teaching Personal Finance in Schools

There's a financial literacy crisis in America, as most states aren't teaching students about money in school.