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Dave & Busters Gets Into the Game

PLAY has broken out of a consolidation pattern, buy on any pullback.

Wynn Resorts Craps Out on Crown Resorts, but Will It Return to the Table?

Wynn aborted talks to acquire Australia's largest casino operator when word of the negotiations leaked, but observers think a deal still may happen.

U.S./China Trade Deal Progress, GameStop's Awful Quarter: Market Recon

Anything that puts either side (U.S., China) at a tactical disadvantage in the air, on land or sea, or even in space... will be walked away from.

Semiconductor Stocks Surge as Taiwan Semi Signals Smartphone Strength

Reports of a smartphone market recovery from Taiwan Semiconductor is taking the sector higher.

Alphabet Almost Through a Major Top Formation: Book Some Profits

It may be time to book some profits by selling your Alphabet shares.

Chart of the Day: Alphabet Has a History of Expensive Infractions in Europe

Alphabet has amassed quite the tab from the European Union.

Investors Await Clarity on Alphabet's Attempt to Upend the Gaming Industry

GOOGL's ambitious gaming has to answer questions before being called a true game changer.

HUYA Could Rally Despite Being a Risky Idea

Let's look at the charts and indicators to see what they look like.

S&P 500 Is Testing Resistance, and How to Play Activision: Market Recon

China trade discussions will continue to be a key driver in Wednesday's market action.

Logitech Looks Ready to Rally Again

The downside of LOGI looks exhausted.