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Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard to Benefit from Gaming, Streaming

While these two are guaranteed to move together, I would likely play both rather than one with simple calls.

Now Here's a Good Bet on LVS

Symmetry makes this trade setup look appealing.

Nvidia Is in an Uptrend and It Should Continue

Our latest trading strategy for the chipmaker's shares.

Second Thoughts on Take-Two

The charts suggest further risk to the downside on this game maker.

Electronic Arts Isn't Playing Around: It's Ready to Rally

EA's charts have been shaping up nicely this year, so go long at current levels.

Logitech's Charts Do Not Inspire Confidence

The fundamentals and technicals do not match up here.

Electronic Arts Has Developed an Interesting Look

I like the long call now.

A Rally in MGM Resorts Does Not Look Like a Roll of the Dice

The charts of the casino and entertainment giant look ready to support a good rally, with more aggressive buying of its shares in recent months.

Nvidia Is Breaking Out on the Upside So It's Time to Get Long Now

NVDA is moving up and over its key April highs.

I Love the Potential of the Subscription Services Apple Is Bringing to Market

Investors need to have patience, but this is a solid strategic move by the company.