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I Believe There May Be a Trading Opportunity in Weibo

Seller exhaustion is at hand and we're set up for a relief rally post earnings Thursday morning.

Take-Two Interactive's Charts and Indicators Are Losing Their 'Game'

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

Dividend Dynamo or Dividend Yield Trap?

Investors on the hunt for safe-haven stocks need to be wary of dividend yields that look too good to be true.

Make Big Money: Think Like an Insider

Insider buying by corporate officers should be taken as optimistic visions of the future prospects of their companies and their stock prices.

Nvidia Is on the Defensive Now and Could Retest February/March Lows

We looked at the charts of NVDA last week, but things look weaker now.

Nvidia's Yellow Flags

Overall, there is nothing about the earnings report that makes me want to scream 'buy the stock'.

Nvidia: 2 Reasons Why I Remain Neutral on the Stock

Let's take a close look at the chipmaker's charts.

Apex Legends Maker Electronic Arts Is One Tough Stock to Game

This is probably the worst pre-earnings setup with the worst post-earnings predictive model I've seen on a stock in a long while.

5 Earnings Reports I'm Watching This Week

Keep a close eye on these earnings reports due out Thursday and Friday.

GameStop Has Seen Better Days

Whether or not GME is the proverbial 'fifty-cent dollar' remains unclear, at least to me, but it is back on my radar.