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If You Want to Buy GameStop Shares, I Encourage 2 Things

Also, if I see that various intraday signals are working, I'm not opposed to day-trading GME from the long side.

Unity Software Experiences a Rapid Selloff

Stand aside and let it fall.

PENN Is Drawing a Downward-Slanting Line on the Charts

Here's why Penn National Gaming is not looking like a good bet right now.

Activision Blizzard Stock: We're Still Waiting on Bottoming Signs

Let's review the latest charts and indicators on ATVI.

As Nvidia Earnings Approach We Change Our Strategic Approach, Too

The technical signs indicate the chipmaker's shares are extended or overbought, so traders should be cautious ahead of results.

Here's a Safe Bet, and a Brave One, for Roblox

Here's what the charts say about this gaming service, and how traders can approach it.

How to Trade the Soaring Shares of Roblox

Let's see if RBLX can decline to the $90 area before probing the long side.

Take-Two Interactive Could Trade Sideways Before Renewed Gains

Here's where aggressive traders and gamers could go long.

With Wynn Down to the Wire on Earnings, a Run Could Be in the Cards

With the market reacting well to the Fed, I'm willing to take a position -- at least until noon on Nov. 9.

Activision Blizzard Is a Hard Pass Now: Here's How to Have Skin in the Game

Have no doubt, ATVI will be back, and will probably be a better company and healthier stock when they do.