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This Party Is Over: GameStop Shorts Need to Cover

Let's check further.

How to Get Interactive With Take-Two

This TTWO options trade look attractive.

There Are Still Cloudy, Unresolved Issues for Nvidia

NVDA may be back in the game, but they aren't the star again. At least not yet.

Why Wall Street is Cautiously Optimistic on Nvidia

Nvidia is recovering well on Friday, but it may yet be in need of more help before climbing back to its 2018 heights.

Nvidia Rallies Short-Term but Longer-Term Strength Is Questioned

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Tencent Holdings Looks Weak So Expect Further Declines Ahead

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I Hesitate to Go Long Take-Two Interactive Right Now

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With Activision Blizzard I'd Wait and See

I wonder to a degree whether ATVI can reinvigorate itself using the same playbook over and over again.

The Stock of Hasbro Is Wrapped Up and Ready to Buy

Let's look at the charts of Hasbro.

Here Are the Take-Two Numbers That Should Garner Investor Interest

TTWO has a history of continuing its first day post-earnings move over the next three weeks.