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Verizon: The Risk Is to the Upside

There is potential to turn VZ from a stable telecom into a 'growthy' type name.

Nvidia's Decline Doesn't Make It a Buying Opportunity - Yet

NVDA has weakened despite great fundamental numbers.

Jim Cramer: How Do You Pull Off What GameStop Buyers Did?

Here's my theory on how this was done.

Stock Picking Loses Some Energy as Interest Rates Surge

The frenzy in certain sectors, such as bitcoin-related names, isn't as hot as last week but there is still a good amount of trading.

Amid Monday's Weakness, This Group Is Showing Strength

If you aren't in the favored sectors right now, you are going to miss out.

Jim Cramer: Plotkin, Gill, and GameStop

Bears make money, Mr. Plotkin, Bulls make money Mr. Gill, but hogs get slaughtered.

Dibbling and Dabbling in Roku, and Here's an Options Play

This firm is performing well and is built to last. I just want to see if Wall Street thinks the shares are expensive here.

Take-Two Interactive Is Set for a Pullback Before Further Gains

Momentum tends to peak before prices do so it is a leading indicator.

Australia's Largest Casino Company Loses Big With License Findings

Crown Resorts has opened Sydney's tallest building, but cannot open the casino it contains after a scathing report on its business ethics

Stay Neutral on Electronic Arts Ahead of Earnings

The charts are not a screaming buy at this point in time.