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Landcadia's Golden Nugget Online Gaming Deal Is Golden for Tilman Fertitta

Special purpose acquisition companies have been hot, but here's a use for a SPAC that seems to push the envelope on creativity.

Trading in MGM Resorts Has Been a Big Casino Since March

The volume data and the On-Balance-Volume line moves tell you that MGM has become a huge vehicle for short-term traders.

What Now for Nvidia?

I wouldn't get out of NVDA. No way. I would consider taking some profit off of the table up here.

Activision Blizzard Is Set to Break Out to Higher Highs

The latest hot stock trends includes ATVI.

Let's WORK to Find WYNNing Triggers

Here we look at the S&P and ES futures, as well as Slack and Wynn Resorts.

DraftKings Is Set to Trade Higher but Raise Sell Stops Anyway

The charts of DKNG are still bullish.

DraftKings Bulls Await Word on Professional and Collegiate Sports

I'm focused on the short-term picture for a trade here.

A Word of Caution for Those Traders Playing the Market Like a Big Casino

When we get daily moves from dozens of rotating names going up 40%, 140%, or 440%, we need to pause -- the action is both opportunistic and unhealthy.

I Think Bilibili Offers an Intriguing Swing Breakout

Gap risk is very real with BILI, so options make a nice alternative here.