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Fundamental Analysis

5 Energy Ideas to Add Fuel to Your Portfolio

The energy space is showing some attractive value opportunities.

3 Powerhouse Pharma Stock Favorites

These healthcare stalwarts look attractive for growth and income.

Last Year's Data Sent Strong Bullish Signals Amid the Carnage; Not So Now

The market's huge run since the big correction in late 2018 has left it in overvalued territory here in late 2019, which calls for caution.

Shoot for the Stars With 7 High-Fliers in Airlines, Aviation & Aerospace

Don't let Boeing's problems lead you to ignore attractive opportunities in the sector.

Nike, Micron and the China Syndrome

Here's how I would play Nike after its latest earnings.

There's Still More Upside to Squeeze Out of My On-Fire Energy Picks

These 3 stocks continue benefit from the misplaced pessimism of energy sector shorts.

Jim Cramer: Think Owning Tech Is Hard? Look at This Post-Impeachment Record

A lot of the names that fell hard after the Clinton impeachment have been record earners since then.

3 Small-Cap Biotech Stocks That Could Thrive in 2020

The trio of BioDelivery Sciences, Omeros and TG Therapeutics looks well-positioned to capitalize on their potential in the New Year.

Jim Cramer: FedEx on the Defensive as It Finds the Freight Script Flipped

The shipping giant suddenly is cast in the role of an oversize start-up as it struggles to adjust to changes in its business.

Interface Now Faces in Right Direction but Remains Bargain Priced

The producer of carpet tile has rebounded nicely from an eight-year low yet remains undervalued relative to its historic norms.