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Fundamental Analysis

Doug Kass: Why I Am Bearish Over the Remainder of 2023

The secret to making money in extreme times of high valuations lies in contrarianism, not conformity.

Let Me Share My Netflix Password for Trading Earnings

Every data point this quarter on subscriber growth has exceeded expectations, portending a large beat.

Own This Premier Growth Stock (While It Is Cheap)

This proven 'left-to-right' growth name is trading for a lower-than-typical multiple while sporting a well-higher-than-normal yield.

I'm Betting Against a Former Favorite Housing Stock: Here's Why (and How)

A lot has changed since 2020-2021.

This Value Portfolio Is Picking Up Steam as It Makes a Nice 'Recovery'

Meta remains the best performer in my 2023 tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio, rising 182% since it was initiated.

There's a New Kid on Benjamin Graham's Block

This 'kid' is not just new to my stock screen, but to me as well.

Doug Kass: Just Who Is Left to Buy Apple?

It's surprising Berkshire Hathaway/Warren Buffett still owns so much Apple stock. The math doesn't really work anymore.

3 Dividend Champions Yielding Over 5%

These name have increased their payouts for at least 25 consecutive years.

3 Bank Stocks Raising Dividends After Fed Stress Tests

Fortunately, many banks are in a strong financial position, allowing for dividend hikes.

As Dollar General Hits a Milestone, It Gets This Value Investor's Attention

The stock now trades at the same level it did three years ago -- even as the stores continue to pop up in out-of-the-way places.