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Fundamental Analysis

The Bullish (and Bearish) Case for This Market

The battle lines are drawn, but this is why I'm inclined to side with the bears -- for now.

4 ETFs on the Cutting Edge: Data, Genomics, Robotics and Fintech

These ARK Funds family funds are focused on new opportunities and investment themes.

The Market Is Jumping on Rate Cut, Coronavirus and Extreme Volatility

Big market moves lead to more big moves as market players constantly try to reposition in response to the unstable action.

Jim Cramer: Why I Don't Buy the Myth of Single-Stock Risk

The massive movement toward sector ETFs is just simply not prudent. Here is why.

Record Low Rates Boost Prospects for These Homebuilder Stocks

As homebuyers look to lock in low mortgage rates, these five names look attractive.

Jim Cramer: Are These 10 High-Yielding Stocks on Your Radar?

These Dow stocks all yield above 3.3% right now, but are they worth the risk?

Home Depot's Got You Covered This Week

If management is already guiding the top line and comps to levels of last year or better, then I like the odds of upside potential to EPS.

8 Safe Haven Plays in Gold and Silver

The coronavirus outbreak is a big deal. But there are plenty of other reasons why gold is going much, much higher.

Dividend Debutante Makes Its First Appearance to Income Investors

With a business model that generates predictable earnings and cash flow, growth in the payout is likely over time.

If You Invest in Small-Cap Stocks, You've Got to Learn to Deal With Setbacks

Tivity Health's big price drop serves as an example of the thought process an investor must go through when a holding takes an unexpected hit.