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Fundamental Analysis

JP Morgan Had Another Outstanding Quarter, Here Is How I'm Playing It

Should you take profits or buy here? This is my thinking on the stellar banking name.

Make Standard Motor Products a 'Part' of Your Portfolio

SMP's low multiple, and attractive dividend and EPS, make it an easy buy.

Cruise Operator Carnival Still Isn't a Stock I Want to Climb Aboard

The window the company offered this week on its results and financial state continue to give this value investor pause.

Jim Cramer: Roku vs. Cat Defines This Incredible Two-Headed Market

It may seem ridiculous, but you can distill the market down to these two names because they stand for palpable themes.

Small-Caps and Tech Giants Present Opportunities as Bubble Stocks Deflate

The selloff in speculative tech names likely has further to go. But other tech names could still do well as markets rotate.

Transport Your Portfolio to the Future With a Twist of Technology

These transportation-related picks include EVs, new developments in battery technology, online auto sales, ride-sharing and an Uber-type helicopter service.

Here's an Exceptionally Resilient REIT With a 5% Dividend Yield

The trust's dividend hike in 2020 was one of the largest in the investing universe during the coronavirus crisis.

Goal Prices Are Always Moving Targets

When the facts change smart traders always adjust their price targets; Investors Bancorp provides an illustration as to why.

Stock Pickers Versus Market Timers

When fundamentals and charts start to matter, it helps produce positive momentum.

Allegiant May Be Flying Too High

There's simply no way to justify ALGT's current quote based on year-ahead results.