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Disney and the Battle of Fundamental vs. Technical

At the very least, the valuation may be morphing from traditional old school media to a blend of media and tech.

10 Speculative Stock Plays in the Biotech Sector

For investors interested in biotech, there's a lot to choose from, with options ranging from startups with potentially blockbuster new treatments to companies those that have been around the block a few times.

Grab This REIT for Tremendous Total Return

Share prices that drop by much more than justified create great buying opportunities.

Despite an Attractive Yield, There's Reason to Be Wary of This Dividend Stock

The company is facing increasing competition from a host of mobile apps for its core business.

Qualcomm Stock Has Catapulted to Must-Own Status in the 5G Space

This is the start of a bigger move for the stock.

So Much for Volatility Continuing In 2019

After a disconcerting December investors thought they could be in for more this year, but the markets have been behaving fairly well, thank you.

This Market Is No Longer Cheap, Valuation Is Rising

Forward P/E ratios are approaching fair value -- which may slow the pace of progress.

Swing for the Fences With United Natural Foods

Hitting a double, triple or 4-bagger is an unattainable dream with most well-known, blue-chip stocks. But it's entirely possible with a small-cap, under-followed name.

This Could Be the Last Easy Year for Netflix

We're not talking about a rival startup. We're talking about one of the most successful and deep-pocketed media/entertainment companies on the planet.

Jim Cramer: J.B. Hunt's Earnings Call Shows That the Economy Has Slowed

Trucking is a huge tell of the real economy, which has definitely slowed.