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Intermediate Trade: British Pound ETF

I prefer a bearish trade on the British currency.

What to Watch for in Emerging Markets as Fed Starts Winding Down QE

No repeat of a "taper tantrum" in emerging markets does not mean risks are off the table.

The Number of Stocks Making New Lows Is Stair-Stepping Upwards

Bond prices have begun to rise again, while the bank index has retreated to support.

Novice Trade: The Euro ETF

I prefer a bearish trading tactic on the euro.

Intermediate Trade: Japanese Yen ETF

I prefer a bearishly biased vertical put spread.

Emerging Markets' Local Currency Debt Takes the Spotlight

Emerging-market bonds are not as scary as they were in the past.

A Strong September Could Be Setting Up an October Pullback

Gold expert David Yoe Williams explained why he remains bearish as the market leaves a standout September behind.

Watch European Earnings More Than the Catalonia Referendum

Trouble in Catalonia could turn into a buying opportunity.

British Pound Is Strong and Likely to Get Stronger

Things are getting more expensive on Bond Street for us.

Central Banks Will Find It Hard to Take the Punch Bowl Away

Central banks' talk of taking the punch bowl away will increase bond market volatility.