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Don't Doubt Bitcoin

Those who have ridden out the doubt are posting robust gains in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

More Weakness for the British Pound Could Be in the Cards

The result of negotiations with the EU could spark another bout of weakness for the British pound.

Germany's 'Spoiled Child' Tantrum Should Not Worry Investors, for Now

The European Central Bank has Germany's back; Mario Draghi as much as promised it.

Cramer: You Mean to Tell Me Bitcoin Is Not a Bubble?

You think Bitcoin is a safe place, a reasonable approximation of value?

For Bitcoin, the Road to Increased Regulation Is Being Paved: Market Recon

Increased regulation of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies will be an act of self-defense from central banks.


It was a down day across the board on Wall Street

Flat Yield Curve? This Isn't the Signal You're Looking For ...

Forget what you're being told about a flat U.S. Treasury curve. It's not predicting a recession.

Angry Bunds: A Spike in German Yields Hit Global Stocks, but Likely Won't Last

The ECB is the world's most important central bank at the moment, and it's nowhere near ready to normalize rates or liquidity.

The Bank of England Will Ignore Its Inflation Target; It Has No Choice

The central bank is trapped between consumer price inflation and house price deflation.

As Brexit Talks Restart, Prepare for More British Pound Weakness

Brexit talks this coming Thursday are unlikely to lead to a breakthrough.