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The British Pound Does Not Look Too Good for 2018

The pound looks set for further weakness in 2018 as consumers spend less.

Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin Take Us on a Wild Ride: Market Recon

Perhaps this was simply the case of a wide stampede toward a small doorway.

Blockchain Will Be a Top Investing Theme in 2018

The applications for this distributed ledger technology are endless.

Expect Quantitative Tightening in 2018

A look at Mercer's global and economic outlook for 2018.

Buy the Euro, and Not Just Because Mario Draghi Saved It

A "fundamental tailwind" is likely to strengthen the euro in the year ahead, a Société Generale analyst says.

Would Love to Hear What Mario Draghi Says About Bitcoin

The Fed's Janet Yellen called Bitcoin "highly speculative." Would Draghi agree?

Bitcoin Futures Start Trading and I Would Not Short Them Just Yet

Margin requirements will slow down any charge into this product.

Cramer: Just Because Taxes Are Going Down, Doesn't Mean These Stocks Can Deliver

Investors don't care where the earnings come from, as long as they actually show up.

Bitcoin: The Good, Bad and Horrifically Ugly

I would not at all be surprised if Bitcoin traded below $2,000 in less than a year's time.

Don't Doubt Bitcoin

Those who have ridden out the doubt are posting robust gains in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.