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Oil Leads, Bitcoin Falls in Positioning for the New Year

Since it's the holiday week, volume has been low and the moves have been abrupt.

Bitcoin Rebounds Instead of Collapsing, and That's Impressive

When that selloff came for Bitcoin, the buy side did, in fact, show up.

The British Pound Does Not Look Too Good for 2018

The pound looks set for further weakness in 2018 as consumers spend less.

Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin Take Us on a Wild Ride: Market Recon

Perhaps this was simply the case of a wide stampede toward a small doorway.

Blockchain Will Be a Top Investing Theme in 2018

The applications for this distributed ledger technology are endless.

Expect Quantitative Tightening in 2018

A look at Mercer's global and economic outlook for 2018.

Buy the Euro, and Not Just Because Mario Draghi Saved It

A "fundamental tailwind" is likely to strengthen the euro in the year ahead, a Société Generale analyst says.

Would Love to Hear What Mario Draghi Says About Bitcoin

The Fed's Janet Yellen called Bitcoin "highly speculative." Would Draghi agree?

Bitcoin Futures Start Trading and I Would Not Short Them Just Yet

Margin requirements will slow down any charge into this product.

Cramer: Just Because Taxes Are Going Down, Doesn't Mean These Stocks Can Deliver

Investors don't care where the earnings come from, as long as they actually show up.