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Worried About the Weak Dollar? Look at These Euro-Exposed Stocks

President Trump likes his dollar weak, so it's time to go shopping in Europe.

Collapse of Big U.K. Government Contractor Could Hit the Pound

The collapse of U.K.'s Carillion infrastructure giant could boost government borrowing, hurting the British pound.

Inflation Creeps Up to Top of Worry List, but Bitcoin Is No Safe Haven

Inflation is back at the top of investors' fears, but aren't crytpocurrencies themselves a form of inflation?

Bitcoin Is a Gamble More Than an Investment: Jim Cramer

In fact, there are only three logical reasons to own it.

Video: Trading Strategies Experts' Thoughts On 2017 and What To Expect This Year

Our January monthly Trading Strategies roundtable of experts was filled with tons of valuable investing insights. Listen in here for our panelists' thoughts on what to expect this year.

Mushrooming Cryptocurrency Prices Could Signal Stock Market Peak

The rise and rise of cryptocurrencies could illustrate the bull market's last hurrah.

Novice Trade: Dollar Index ETF

This is a very high-risk trade, so use only highly discretionary capital.

Jim Cramer: Stocks Are on Fire For Good Reasons

Stocks put in broad gains supported by tax cuts, bonuses, a weaker dollar and more.

Oil Leads, Bitcoin Falls in Positioning for the New Year

Since it's the holiday week, volume has been low and the moves have been abrupt.

Bitcoin Rebounds Instead of Collapsing, and That's Impressive

When that selloff came for Bitcoin, the buy side did, in fact, show up.