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The Gold Rally Has Fizzled

Seasonal tendencies and the strong dollar are working against the precious metal.

Cryptocurrency Expert Dennis Gartman Goes from Bearish to Neutral on Bitcoin

Dennis Gartman, editor of the Gartman Letter, told Kitco News that the digital currency's support level around $6,000 a coin has been "impressive," and while he was bearish on bitcoin at higher prices, he has now shifted his stance to neutral at today's prices.

A Big Move in the Yen May Be Coming

The Bank of Japan has been dropping hints it may intervene in currency markets.

Enbridge Is a Total Return Gem

This Canadian energy play is poised for gains.

The Euro Could Win a Reverse Currency War

Competition to attract buyers of debt is likely to increase as central banks stop buying bonds.

Trading Strategies: How to Fall in Love With Your Portfolio this February

The expert panelists of our monthly Trading Strategies roundtable share the actionable investing advice you need to fall in love with your portfolio this February.

History Is Repeating for Bitcoin

Bitcoin's 2017 rally has an air of familiarity.

Dollar Comments in Trump's State of the Union Speech May Be Crucial

The dollar's wobble could endanger the U.S. economy. Firm support for a strong dollar is paramount.

Euro Upside/Dollar Downside Likely Limited

Those eager to get long the euro at any price this week might have buyer's remorse soon.

Dollar Traders Believe What They See, Not What They Hear: Market Recon

Currency traders see the Trump administration boosting manufacturing via a weak dollar.