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If the Yuan Breaks This Key Level, We Could See a Wave of Redemptions

A flush of FX outflows threatens a breach of the 7 level vs. the dollar, and commodities will likely follow suit.

What Do Equities Know That FX and Commodities Do Not?

The biggest risk right now is the yuan level versus the dollar.

Why These Countries Are Dumping U.S. Treasuries and What It Means for the Dollar

Data has been decent, but is showing signs of softness as the demand collapse in the rest of the world feeds into U.S. data.

Dollar Falls and Market Rallies on Tariffs: What Gives?

The perception of commodities being linked to the Chinese economic cycle made them victims during the harsh selloff.

Is Turkey a One-Off or Something More Ominous?

Turkey's growing currency crisis is sparking widespread concern.

Is Deutsche Bank Poised for a Rebound?

CEO Christian Sewing's restructuring plan aimed at streamlining the business gives glimmer of hope while geopolitical pressures weigh on the share price.

Yuan, Is 7 the Magic Number?

It appears the People's Bank of China may have put a floor in place for the currency.

Gold Prices Extended on the Downside, End of Month Recovery Seen

Let's take a look at a number of charts and indicators that tend to be forward looking.

4 Key Reasons Why It's Time to Sell Bitcoin

Bitcoin's current rally is short-lived.