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Currency Shares Euro Trust Has Made a Strong Performance So Far

Charts suggest further gains are limited.

Key Indicator Nears Critical Level

Large speculators are overwhelmingly short the yen.

British Pound Looks Cheap, but It Is No Bargain

Sterling's fall against the euro since the Brexit vote is unlikely to have ended.

Relax, the ECB Isn't Worried About a Stronger Euro

The European Central Bank has become more flexible over the past few years.

Higher Interest Rates Are Coming as Population Growth Slows

A research team argues It's not central banks, but rather global demographics, that will dictate interest rates.

German Central Banker Soothes Markets Ahead of Jackson Hole Meeting

Mario Draghi's Jackson Hole speech is likely to be as dovish as usual. Here's why.

U.K. House Prices Survey Miss Is Bad News for the Pound

House prices are weakening, which will make rate hikes by the Bank of England almost impossible.

Chart Signals End to Dollar Trend

The dollar index is now in an area of strong support.

Scared to Buy Bitcoin? Try Nvidia Instead

NVDA's chips are a key part of the cryptocurrency business.

European Currencies Retreat on Good U.S. Jobs Report, Though Wages Remain Weak

Sluggish wage growth is a problem almost everywhere in the world.