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AppHarvest Needs Time to Ripen

The charts of APPH are weak and not appealing -- yet.

Let's 'Clean Up' Our Investment Strategy With Earnings Commentary

Here, we'll go through some recent earnings talking points that speak to our 'Cleaner Living' investment theme, and zero in on several stocks you should look at right now.

Time to Cart Off With Some Walmart

The options are cheap right now and WMT is oversold. Here's how to play it.

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees, but You Can Make It Grow on TreeHouse

Getting great stock prices typically requires buying what others don't presently find attractive -- such as TreeHouse Foods.

Nvidia, BJ's Just Broke Out, Here's How to Play Them

Not all breakouts are created equal -- let's compare these two recent ones, and create a game plan for each.

Have a COW: Live Cattle Futures Are Ready to Stampede Higher

Beef demand is the best in 30 years and the COW ETN is poised for a key upside breakout.

This Portfolio of 2020 Losers Continues to Shine as It Nears the End of the Line

The 2021 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio gave up a bit of ground over the last month but still is solidly outperforming two major indices.

Jim Cramer: Ignore Delta's Risk? Not on My 'WATCH'

Here are the stocks to watch as the pandemic throws us a curve-ball.

McCormick's Charts Suggest Further Weakness Ahead

Sellers of MKC have been more aggressive for several months now.

Jim Cramer: These 3 Companies Are Always Pruning, Buying and Growing Brands

They don't get stuck in a rut. They are always innovating and, if necessary, buying.