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Take the Escalator Up With Children's Place

Let me show you why PLCE is still my second largest dollar holding.

A Trading Strategy Crops Up for Archer-Daniels-Midland

One way to play the pullback in soft commodities is through the Chicago-based ADM.

High Volatility Occurs in Bear Markets, Not Bull Markets

One positive is that there has been more focus on stock picking.

M'm M'm Good... Campbell Soup's Charts Improve Ahead of Earnings

The technical signals for the iconic food company's stock are largely positive.

Take Profits in Hostess Brands Before Its Rally Turns Stale

Bearish signals on the charts of the cupcake maker are popping up.

Walmart: Buy Its Wares, Avoid Its Shares

Don't keep carting around WMT if you own it, and stroll right by if you don't. Here's why.

Fed Minutes Show Committee's on Same Page About Rate Hike

How much and how fast the Fed will hike is unclear, however, as many brace for half percentage point raise. Here's my take.

Kellogg's Charts Are Looking Soggy

Let's look them over.

PepsiCo Posts Solid Numbers But Its Charts Show Weaknesses

The charts of the beverage and snack foods giant are sending some cautionary signals.

Beyond Meat: Is it Time to Fire Up the Grill?

The shares have been trying to bottom out the past two months.