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4 Ugly Stocks That Kick Off My Latest Tax-Loss Selling Portfolio

We'll track a dozen beaten-up stocks that could be subject to tax-loss selling at the end of 2019 and see whether they can stage comebacks in 2020.

This Stock Is 'Comfort Food' for a Tough Market Stretch

INGR has all the right ingredients for investors looking for a conservative stock.

It Was a Very Good Year for This Portfolio of 2018 Losers

The dozen stocks in this portfolio of companies that likely came under tax-loss selling pressure last year performed quite well as a group in 2019.

Earnings Are Up, but My Shares Are Down. What Gives?

Let's look at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and Jack in the Box to see why rising EPS doesn't always translate into rising share value -- but can mean a 'catch-up' move is likely.

We've Got the Best CEOs in the World

Here's a salute to our best and brightest, who keep this nation's economy -- and our livelihoods -- going strong.

Amazon Seems to be Hedging its Grocery and Bricks-and-Mortar Bets

The e-commerce and cloud giant is reportedly thinking about launching Amazon Go supermarkets, while also getting set to launch a grocery store chain featuring human cashiers.

Is This Fast-food Name Too Hot to Handle? PEG Ratios Serve Up the Answer

We'll use this little-known equation to find out whether a popular restaurant chain is the right price to invest in.

Spice Up Your Holiday Investing With These Dividend Stocks

Holiday shopping is big, but so is holiday eating, and here are several names with healthy dividend yields to chomp into.

Grocery Outlet Shares Are Poised to Rally

Technical analysis and trading strategy on this seller of mostly close out or seasonal merchandise and food staples.

The Best Play in Retail Is in a Club of Its Own

Costco Wholesale has had a great ride in 2019, and its technical signs indicate its run may not be over.