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On Some Stocks, You Just Have to Let 'Gravity' Do Its Job

The further afield stocks get, the more likely they are to come back toward normal, rather than become more extreme.

Will the Charts Turn Spicy or Bland for McCormick in the Weeks Ahead?

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Jim Cramer: A Scary Virus, Yes, but Let's Take Systemic Risk Off the Table

Let's instead do the kind of security analysis you have to do if you are going to navigate this moment.

Time to Turn in These Overvalued Big Caps

Stocks such as Dollar General and Nike are just too pricey right now, so look into bargain-priced small caps, instead.

The Market's Splitting, and That's Problematic

Investors have shunned certain groups and latched onto others, and the bifurcation has created too many haves vs. have nots in the last few weeks.

Shares of United Natural Foods Really Look Rotten

Avoid UNFI, as the charts and indicators are not giving us any reason to go long.

How to Turn a Boring, Beaten-Up Stock Into Exciting Returns

Kraft Heinz has gone through an ugly period the last few years but now offers an opportunity to profit handily from its rough patch.

What's the Right Price for Five Below?

Shares of FIVE took a dive on Monday after reporting lackluster holiday sales, but I'm still a believer.

This Messy, Pricey Acquisition Has Created a Healthy Opportunity

Following its buy of SuperValu, United Natural Foods is good for a trade or investment.

Should You Be Preparing to Supplement Your Portfolio With More CVS Stock?

Here's how two big events early this week make me view this name that's one of my favorite undervalued, dividend-paying companies.