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Krispy Kreme Is a Classic Case of Love the Brand, Don't Love the Stock

The 2021 version seems overpriced, has much to prove, and seems in the 'priced-for-perfection' category.

Starbucks Needs More Caffeine to Restart the Uptrend

I don't think this pullback is finished yet.

Krispy Kreme Fills In More Holes About Its Second Coming as a Public Company

The current version of the doughnut purveyor doesn't resemble the business that JAB Holdings acquired five years ago.

Dave & Buster's Charts Have Weakened

We still have our reservations about the stock.

Investors Acquire a Taste for Smaller Restaurant Names Over the Big Boys

Even companies that haven't performed particularly well on an operating basis are registering fat stock gains so far in 2021.

You Want Nice Returns With That? 6 Fast Food Favorites

Leading investment advisors provide a menu of attractive QSR stocks.

Hole-y Cow, Krispy Kreme Is Going Public Again

JAB Holding, which took the doughnut purveyor private five years ago, plans to list the shares under the symbol DNUT.

Stock Up on JO With the Upside Breakout in Coffee Futures

For traders looking for a jolt, here's what we would do.

Sysco Could Correct More to Deliver Opportunity for Patient Buyers

The stock of the food distributor may pull back a bit more, but the longer-term trend for the shares looks positive.

Constellation Brands Shrugs Off Selling to Resume Its Uptrend

However, a key chart of the producer of beer, wine and spirits indicates the strength of the uptrend could be weakening.