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Vulnerable Markets, Reopening the Economy, Trading PepsiCo: Market Recon

This week the Bureau of Economic Analysis will release its very first estimate for first quarter U.S. economic growth on a quarter over quarter, annualized, and then seasonally adjusted basis.

Dividends Are Also Subject to the 'Domino' Effect

The pizza company delivers, but retailers that can't stay open, won't pay rent, hitting real estate investment trusts.

Chipotle Stock Could Encounter Some Indigestion

Over years of chart watching I have learned to be suspicious of rallies on declining volume.

Hungry for Returns? Try a Serving of Domino's Pizza

DPZ has been an amazing performer on the charts the past year and longer.

Economy Giving You Heartburn? Here's a Play for Two Fast-Food Names

This burger pair trade goes long Mac, short Shack.

Ruth's Stakes Its Claim to CARES Loans and Likely Won't Be Alone

The restaurant chain has received a helping hand under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act; look for other operators to follow.

A Strategy for Entering Chipotle Mexican Grill

Initiating a position in the burrito restaurant chain requires a bit of caution because of potential supply chain impacts on the company.

Dine Brands Needs to Make a New and Bigger Base Pattern

Hard to get bullish with these indicators.

You Could Say This Positive View of Dunkin' Has Some 'Holes' in It

The fundamental community may be excited about going long DNKN, but the technical community wants to see more compelling buying.

Expand Your Investing Menu With This Fast Food Name

QSR -- the company behind Burger King -- is a high flyer at a low price, so get in now ... before it's hot.