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Dine Brands Could Decline in the Weeks Ahead - Avoid the Long Side for Now

Let's check on the charts and indicators to see what traders and investors think.

Domino's Pizza Could Get Even Colder

DPZ stock looks particularly vulnerable to further weakness now.

McDonald's Is Still Bullish - New Price Target and Strategy

Let's see what the charts and indicators are up to.

Coca-Cola Offers Pre-Earnings Hints That It's Ready to Pop

Evidence of the stock's uptrend is presented by Coca-Cola's 50- and 200-day moving averages, which are both pointing higher.

A New Brand of Protest Emerges in Hong Kong

A Japanese drink-maker, as well as Cigna and Yum! Brands' Pizza Hut, have been swept into the 'product politics' battle between pro-democracy demonstrators and pro-Mainland authorities.

Chipotle, Shake Shack Lead Best Restaurant Performers in 2019

Bigger is better as the major restaurants dominate the sector.

Volatility Lesson No. 1: Party's Not Over for Tupperware

Looking at Amazon and Starbucks shows how dramatic moves on stocks can be an investor's friend, and TUP is a perfect example.

I Wouldn't Chase PepsiCo Here

I do worry about the current technical setup.

Constellation Brands Is Looking Better but I Have a Fear of Commitment

Let's examine the latest charts and indicators.

Sparkling Bubly Sales Should Help Pepsi Stock Bubble Up

Bubly is building a bull case for Pepsi's beverage sales.