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Jim Cramer: Can We Take It Higher?

On a historic day when we set new records, let's look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average's Top 10 winners to see how lofty -- or nosebleed -- we really are.

Adobe Looks Rock Solid

Despite some soft guidance, Adobe's earnings are strong and those who have been long on are sitting on nice profits -- here're some tips for newcomers on taking a bullish position.

Long the Apple of My Eye

Going long on the tech giant is more about health care and credit card offerings than the iPhone.

Jim Cramer: Launch of Libra Cryptocurrency Is a Great Reason to Buy Facebook

This initiative, targeting the unbanked, will go a long way to repairing FB's tattered reputation.

Perficient Makes for Perfect Bet

The IT consulting firm shows consistency and profitability.

5 Favorite Plays on the Future of Fintech

It is hard to find a sector of the economy that hasn't been touched by financial technology innovations.

A StoneCo Opportunity Has Arrived

Sometimes an attractive high-growth name will come to you rather than you having to chase it.

Citi Is Monitoring Mexico, Shareholders Should Be Too

Citigroup's investments in Mexico could meet some macro troubles in the near to medium term.

Analysts, Shareholders Encouraged but Not Inspired by Citi Earnings

Citigroup's stock move could be described as unenthusiastic, reflecting how many feel about its first quarter earnings results.