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Alphabet's Dip After Earnings Looks Like a Buying Opportunity

Shares will likely resume uptrend after brief consolidation.

IHS Markit Stock Could Reach the Century Mark Soon

INFO is in a strong and durable uptrend.

CyprusOne Could Rally From Here but Risk Below the December Low

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I'm Putting a Marker Down on 'Blue' for 2020

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Apple Can Rally Still Further in the New Year

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MarketAxess Could Climb Significantly Higher in 2020

The financial technology company's shares have built a long, solid base that could support a long and strong rally.

Tesla Is Stock of the Day and It Sports a Serious Upside

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Alphabet Has Its Hands Full of Investigations but Traders Don't Care

At this juncture, the charts and indicators are still bullish.

Jim Cramer: Buybacks in the Cyclical Stocks Are Helping Push This Strength

Caterpillar is a prime example.

The Big Consolidation Pattern on WEX Can Support a Rally - Go Long Here

Let's check out the charts and indicators of WEX this morning.