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These ETFs Aim for the 'MOON,' but Will They Crash and Burn?

Here's my take on several 'innovation' funds -- and which one might be the best bet.

10 Top Picks in Fintech and Finance for 2022

Newsletter advisors this year are focused on smaller niche plays in private equity, business development, credit, mortgages, money transfers and fintech.

The Final 4 Bedraggled Stocks for My 2022 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio

This quartet has had a rough 2021 but could be in for a rebound next year once investors harvest their losses in the shares.

Sigh of Relief, Recaptured Lines, DocuSign's Big Downer, Marvelous Marvell

Plus, OPEC plans to open its oil spigot a bit in January and Jerome Powell receives taper support from a few Fed cohorts.

Paytm Licks Its Wounds After Sharp Losses in India's Largest-Ever IPO

Paytm shares plunged 27% on debut day, which stands in stark contrast to other stellar tech initial public offerings in India.

5 Ways to Profit From Payments, Payroll and Processing

Several contributors see upside potential in various niches within the fintech sector.

It's Hard to See Robinhood's Stock Making for Merry Investors Ahead

With a ton of additional shares soon becoming free to trade and questions about its growth prospects, Robinhood looks overpriced.

3 Blue Chips About to Go from Bad to Worse

The charts of Boeing, Dow Inc. and Visa indicate these stocks aren't finished retreating even as the Dow Industrials, of which they are a part, climb.

4 Reasons I Like PayPal as Pinterest Speculation Ends

A potential Pinterest deal made no sense to me.

PayPal Still Looks Bullish if Support Continues to Hold

The shares of the payments technology company wavered a bit on news of its interest in Pinterest but its technical signs still are good.