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Alphabet Has Its Hands Full of Investigations but Traders Don't Care

At this juncture, the charts and indicators are still bullish.

Jim Cramer: Buybacks in the Cyclical Stocks Are Helping Push This Strength

Caterpillar is a prime example.

The Big Consolidation Pattern on WEX Can Support a Rally - Go Long Here

Let's check out the charts and indicators of WEX this morning.

Paychex Appears Poised to Pay Off After Test of 200-Day Average Line

Most of the payroll and HR company's charts are edging toward a fresh buy signal.

American Express: At What Level Will the Buyers Return?

AXP could-grind lower giving us a better buying opportunity.

Visa Could Extend Its Advance After a Correction to the 200-Day Line

It looks like V may continue to correct its gains.

Heads Up: Something Has Changed With Fidelity National's Charts

Be cautious about new long positions.

Get Ready to Move on Alteryx

We suggested in August that the $100 area would be a potential purchase price in October, and now $90 appears the place to potentially go long.

Giving Credit to Credit-Card Stocks Where It's Due

What's in your investment wallet: Mastercard, Visa or American Express?

Twitter Can Continue to Rally

Let's look at some updated charts.