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Is Bitcoin Ready to Take a Tumble? Let's Check the Charts

Based on the technical patterns, the risks of being long bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies appear high right now.

Jim Cramer: Toast, the Next Big Thing? I Question its Valuation

Maybe it will be viewed as the ultimate 'opening' story because restaurants might soon come back.

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Here's how we'd play the stock now.

2 Strong Daily Charts to Watch: Nete Element and AgEagle Aerial Systems

NETE and UAVS are both in intriguing sectors.

I'm Looking at the Long Side With Foley Trasimene Acquisition

BFT is buying Paysafe, an integrated payments platform that I like.

Jim Cramer: 3 Big Takeaways for Investors From Bank Earnings Calls

The consumer continues to de-leverage at an extraordinary pace -- and the ramifications of this are extraordinary.

One to Watch: A Strategy for PagSeguro Digital

Here's where I'd look to be a buyer of the stock. On the options side, the market is a little on the thin side, but it is playable.

PayPal Could Reach Higher Highs

Let's review the charts and indicators.

My Top SPAC Play for 2021

As this story becomes more widely understood, it should attract additional interest.

Does Microsoft Pass Our 'Test'?

The long sideways pattern on MSFT could soon come to an end.