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Sallie Krawcheck: Inertia Causes Women to Miss Years of Compounding

Sallie Krawcheck wants to close the gender investing -- and retirement -- gaps. And she's hoping her new venture, Ellevest, will do just that.

Sallie Krawcheck Wants More Women To Quit the Inertia And Invest

Sallie Krawcheck is a Wall St. legend and is now on a mission to help close the gender investing and retirement gaps -- and now she as $45 million to get that done!

Midday Update: Stocks Struggle as Big Banks, Energy Weigh

Stocks were mixed, trading close to flat at midday Thursday.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Rich From Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange traded funds allow investors to invest in a basket of different stocks without having to track the market's every move.

Jim Cramer Breaks Down the Real Danger From the Equifax Hack

Jim Cramer explains that you need to worry about bad guys opening up lines of credit in your name.

Save Hundreds by Filling Your Tanks on Mondays

An EIA analysis of fuel price data during three years determined that average gas prices were the lowest on Mondays.

Kevin O'Leary's Mom Is the Brains Behind the Business

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary talks about the biggest female role model in his life and how she influenced the way he does business today.

NCAA 'Uses Kids to Make Billions' -- NY Giant Justin Pugh

The bribery scandal unfolding this week involving NCAA and Adidas AG ADS and coaches at four major sports universities is lost on no one who follows sports-least of all a professional athlete who has seen the sports machine up close.

Video: 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort on Financial Fraud and Bitcoin

Jordan Belfort served time in prison for financial crimes. His story is based off of the 2013 movie 'The Wolf of Wall Street.' Belfort is out with a new book 'Way of the Wolf' and joined TheStreet to discuss financial fraud and bitcoin.