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Hey Couples! Do These 5 Things To Be (Financially) Happy

It's so nice to be in love and really get to know someone. But do you really know that person? Do you know your sweetie's credit score? Do you have your own checking account? Give me 60 seconds and I'll tell you why you should!

60 Seconds: File Your 2017 Tax Return and Get Your Refund Now!

Don't wait until April to think about your 2017 tax return. Especially since the average refund was almost $2,800 last year - so get your money back now!

5 Biggest Dow Drops in History

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell a whopping 1,600 points at one point during trading on Feb. 6, 2018 to close at down 1,175. Wondering when the other biggest point drops occurred? Watch this now!

The Dow Decline and Everything Else You Must Know Before You Trade Tuesday

The sun also rises. Here's what you should be following after yesterday's mind-blowing Dow drop.

This Is What the Smartest Investors in the Room May Do Next After Market Rout

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1,175 points on Monday, its largest point drop in a single day.

Cramer vs. Chaikin: Raymond James Will Benefit From the Strong Economy

Listen in to Jim Cramer and Marc Chaikin of Chaikin Analytics talk all things market. In the video above, they hash out Raymond James. Watch!

5 of the Hottest Items Sold by Outdoor Brands

Outdoor apparel is on fire! And its sales are beating out fashion apparel. Because who doesn't love the great outdoors?! But you're going to need some gear. And here are the top five items you've been buying. Watch!

Trading Strategies: Invesco's Hooper Says Its An Active Manager's Game

The experts on our February Trading Strategies roundtable talked about market uncertainty, tech earnings and the Fed's next move. So watch our video to figure out how to trade this month and beyond. Here, Invesco's Hooper talks about why its good to be an active manager these days.

After Hours Trading: JPMorgan Names Co-Presidents, MetLife Postpones Earnings

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon solidified his succession plan by tapping Daniel Pinto and Gordon Smith as co-presidents.

Video: Bonuses Are Great But Where Are The Actual Wage Increases?

Sure, we love that companies are giving out one-time bonuses thanks to the lower rates from tax reform. But where are the actual wage increases? Watch out this video to find out.