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Retirement Is Within Reach for the Affluent, But Many Still Wary of Market Turbulence

After six years of positive returns on the S&P 500, affluent investors are feeling more confident with their ability to manage their money and investments.

Swipe Right on the Next Big Upcoming IPO? How to Invest in a Good Match

From Facebook to Fitbit, many novice investors get excited about the opportunity to invest in companies they know and love. But is that upcoming IPO good for your money?

Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage to Impact Businesses, Individuals

There are financial implications for individuals and businesses following the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that legalizes same-sex marriage nationwide.

Investor Confidence Remains at 7 Year High, New Poll Finds

Retail investors are feeling optimistic about their financial futures, according to a new poll.

Antoine Walker’s Advice to NBA Draft Picks: Learn How to Say ‘No’

Former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker has some advice for the stars of the upcoming NBA Draft: Learn how to say no.

Shark Tank Entrepreneurs Discuss Getting a Deal With Kevin O’Leary

Few entrepreneurs on ABC's Shark Tank are lucky enough to receive an offer from one of the show’s investors, meet one couple that had to choose from three proposals.

Big Swings in Income and Volatility a Risk for Consumers: Study

A new study by the JPMorgan Chase Institute finds that individuals at all income levels have experienced high levels of income volatility, and even higher levels of spending volatility.

The Best Ways To Ensure Your Assets Last Through Retirement

As life expectancy increases, so does the amount of financial planning needed to sustain a comfortable retirement.

Why Retiring in Your 30s Is a Terrible Financial Strategy

Making enough money to retire early is a great achievement but also comes with its own share of difficult decisions.

PwC Financial Literacy Program Targets Students and Their Teachers

Shannon Schuyler, Principal and Corporate Responsibility Leader at PwC, discusses "Earn Your Future," which is a financial literacy program aimed at more than 2.5-million students.