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Invest Like a Lady: 3 Ways Women Can Get More Out of Their Retirement Portfolios

Women face unique challenges when it comes to retirement readiness, and 60% fear they will outlive their savings.

How to Execute a Successful Backdoor Roth IRA When You Make Too Much

The backdoor Roth IRA -- It's one of most nimble personal finance tricks out there.

How to Be Happy After Graduation: Choose the Right Major

For new college students, choosing a major sets the course of their lifetime earning potential, yet most students study what they enjoy rather than considering their future income.

Tooth Fairy Tightens Her Purse Strings, Leaves Less for Kids Under the Pillow

Bad news for America's kids. The latest reports suggest that the tooth fairy is tightening her purse strings for the third consecutive year.

Betterment CEO Says Robo-Advisors Are Popular Among Boomers

Betterment, the largest automated investing service, is a juggernaut within the robo-advisor sphere: it has 100,000 customers who collectively invest more than $2.5 billion.

Small Business Owners Won’t Be Bruised by Federal Reserve’s Looming Rate Hike

Small business owners shouldn’t worry about the Federal Reserve’s upcoming policy shift.

Back to School Sales Not Luring Parents Away From the Beach This Year

Beaches may be more crowded than usual this August, as more parents postpone their back-to-school shopping.

Is Your City Drowning in Credit Card Debt?

CreditCards.com compiled information from the top twenty-five cities across the country to uncover the different credit card treatment trends on a city-by-city basis.

The Numbers Are Grim: America’s Financial Literacy #Fail Is Bigger Than You Think

American students spend about 1,000 hours in school each year, and yet very few, if any, of those hours are dedicated to learning about personal finance.

The Million Dollar Question: How Much Should You Save for Retirement?

Americans are reporting slightly higher confidence in their ability to retire, but how best to get there continues to confuse many.