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Financial Planning

5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Manager From Silicon Valley’s Longest Serving CEO

Looking to sharpen your management skills? Take a few pages out of the lengthy playbook of Ray Zinn, who is credited with being the longest serving CEO in Silicon Valley.

3 Tips on What to Look for When Buying Gift Cards

Gift cards - they're everywhere during the holiday shopping season, but if you're not careful, you could be throwing money down the drain.

Refinance Your Students Loans Now Before Interest Rates Head Higher

With a rising rate environment approaching, anybody holding a student loan should consider refinancing, said Brendan Coughlin, president of consumer lending at Citizens Bank (CFG).

Here Is the Most Common Estate Planning Mistake - And How to Avoid It

The most common estate planning mistake may surprise you.

Millennials Are the Most Financially Confident Generation

The doom-and-gloom narrative that characterizes most analyzes of Gen Y is quite a contrast to the findings of BlackRock's 2015 Annual Global Investor Survey.

Splitting Expenses With Friends and Family Can Cost $51 Billion: PayPal Study

Sharing expenses between friends and family is bound to cost you more money and take a toll on your relationship.

Here’s Why Your Kids Aren’t Learning About Money in School

Personal finance isn’t being taught in schools.

Here's How to Buy NFL Tickets Without Breaking the Bank

NFL tickets aren't cheap. The average admission cost fans $84 last year and $122 for games featuring higher profile teams like the New England Patriots, according to Team Marketing Report.

Drilling Down on Dental Costs: How to Save on Your Next Trip to the Dentist

Finances may be a bigger factor than fear when it comes to avoiding the dentist.

Invest Like a Lady: 3 Ways Women Can Get More Out of Their Retirement Portfolios

Women face unique challenges when it comes to retirement readiness, and 60% fear they will outlive their savings.