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Financial Planning

Why Annuities are a Smart Option in a Low-Yield Environment

The aging of the U.S. population, rising healthcare costs, and the decline of defined benefit plans highlight the need for steady and reliable income sources. That's where annuities fit in

Fresh Facts for Freelancers Funding Their Retirement Accounts

The shift to a 'gig' economy remains intact with more people than ever working as Uber drivers or Airbnb owners.

Why Staying Home to Raise Kids Is More Costly Than You Realize

Parents who take a break from working in order to care for their children are paying a much higher long term cost than they realize, according to a new study.

Millennials Retirement Outlook Sunny Despite Savings Shortfall

Millennials may be stressed about retirement, but they still have a far more positive outlook than previous generations.

Credit Card Debt Could Hit 2008 Peak of $1 Trillion This Year

Total outstanding credit card debt is set to hit $1 trillion in 2016, a level not seen since 2008, when the financial crisis was heating up.

Give More to Your Favorite Charity Through a Donor-Advised Fund

Donating to charity is obviously a virtuous thing to do, but giving straight cash is not always the best way to do it.

Forget a Financial Plan, You Need a Volatility Plan

Experts have long stressed the importance of having a financial plan, but given the current state of the markets, one expert said investors need a volatility plan.

Before Taking That New Job, Ask About The 401(k)

Retirement plans have often been used by employers as another element of an employees' compensation.

Small Business Owners Are Worried About These 3 Things in 2016

The 2016 presidential election is cementing the fears of small business owners, according to a new survey from Bank of America.

These States Are Doing a Terrible Job Teaching Personal Finance in Schools

There's a financial literacy crisis in America, as most states aren't teaching students about money in school.